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Preparing for a Welcome-to-Hunt Outing.

February 26, 2019 11:38PM avatar
Questions from Druid:
Hi Monte,
I am pretty confident as to what to bring for any coinshooting hunts in the traditional places but haven't any experience with your old site type hunts...
The May 9-12 WTHO will be primarily urban Coin Hunting types of sites including some newer parks but several older parks with decent potential for some older Coins or occasional Trade Tokens. They are, however, 'parks' which means we will have to be ready to deal with modern trash. There will be other places to search than just city parks, and we are going to watch for any surprise renovation that could be huntable.

In addition, we are hoping the weather cooperates and we'll have access to one or two ghost towns for a day-long journey, plus Rich H. and Eric B. are going to try and make contact with a private party or two for permission to access some property that had activity in the latter 1840's and '50s. Also, I am hoping to make a trip back there in late March or early April to try and tie some strings together for one or two extra places for attendees to hunt.

What do you recommend bringing as far as:

Most of the time the days can be comfortably pleasant. Most of the time. Sometimes, however, there can be a storm that might arrive with cooler weather, and a chance for rain or a thunder storm. Weather guessers, as we know, can easily tell us what happened an hour ago, yesterday, or a month back, but their best guess about tonight or tomorrow, or any time in the future can be wrong. Weather changes. But early this morning I was looking ahead to see what the long range predictions say it might be come Outing time, and it had Thursday and Friday with highs in the 65° to 68° range and partly cloudy with a low percentage for precipitation, and Saturday and Sunday were are supposed to be mostly sunny and at 70° and 71°. I'm crossing my fingers their guess is close for ten weeks away.

I wear jeans, short sleeved shirts, but also bring along a long-sleeved flannel shirt in case it's cooler, and also a light fleece jacket and a coat. I just plan to be comfortable.

digging tools... In my finds pouch I have a plastic jar to keep coins and keepers separated from the trash, and I have a rounded-off screwdriver that I use for 90% or more of my coin recoveries in grassy parks, schools, parking strips or private yards. It's the main tool I use in manicured lawns.

On my gear belt I have a Lesche or DigMaster hand digger for times and places I want to cut a plug.

Those tools are with me, but in probably 80% or more of the ghost towns and other old sites I hunt, where the bulk of the good targets are located from surface to ±3" or so, the ground is often loose and porous and when I get a digable hit I either 'toe-scuff' if very loose material, and if the ground is more compacted I simply to a 'heel-drag.' Easy to use techniques that can help scoot rusty tin and other small debris aside and out of the way to get a cleaner signal on a desired find, or to often expose or move the potential 'keeper' for quick recovery. That, or I use my hand-digger if the ground is too hard or maybe weedy.

food & drink... All a personal choice. For me, I keep an ice check with me with Diet Dr. Pepper, but also some regular Dr. Pepper for when my blood sugars drop too low. I just by desired snacks when needed on the Outings. Good old H20 is also a handy beverage to have around.

footwear... Old sites? Comfortable boots that are broken in and can handle 'toe-scuffing' or 'heel-dragging.' For typical Coin Hunting sites, just whatever is comfortable.

I always try and stick a little bit of 'Etc.' here and there as desired.thinking In my zipper pouch on my finds bag I keep a small magnifier, a tube of chap stick, an extra set of batteries, and usually a half-dozen or so band aids because things happen when we least expect it. If I will be hunting in snaky desert-type ghost towns I usually have a properly loaded handgun. If gone for more than a day's journey, I also have along at least one spare set of headphones, too.

Last Comment from Druid:
I am going to limit myself to three detectors and a few coils for this trip, small coils obviously.smiling smiley
Thanks in advance,
Once again, it's all a personal choice. On an Outing I generally have 5 to 8 detectors with me. If I have extra detectors around 'For Sale,' I often bring them along as well, both to sell a functional detector to an ill-prepared participant, or to have a 'loaner-unit' for those in need.

The Outing in May is going to offer more opportunities for typical Coin & Jewelry Hunting, but regardless of where I go, I know I will have at least one of my two serious old-site units with me for dense nail and other iron-litter types of places. Those are the Nokta FORS CoRe and Relic devices. I will have a simple Coin Hunting unit, or two ... or three ... such as a Fisher F44, Teknetics Omega 8000 and T2+, and always I'll have a Tesoro Bandido II microMAX along for fun.

All of those just listed with have a 4.7X5.2 DD, 5" DD, 7" Concentric, 7" Concentric or 4" Concentric, 5" DD. and the last two each with a 6" Concentric ... all listed in that order.

There is also likely to be a CoRe and/or Relic with a mid-sized 5X9½ DD or 10" elliptical DD for a T2+, just to have a mid-sized coil for more open areas to have better coverage and a little better depth.

Just outfit yourself with what you like and feel most comfortable with.


Oh, one last thing. Food and beverage we will each have to cover for whatever we order for our Saturday Night Dinner gathering which is always a lot of fun.

"Your EYES ... the only 100% accurate form of Discrimination!"

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*** All working well today to make memories for tomorrow. ***
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Remember the 2019 Welcome-to-Hunt Outing dates.

Monte 186 February 03, 2019 05:47AM

Be prepared, May 9th is just 10 weeks from tomorrow. N/T

Monte 73 February 26, 2019 07:04AM

Re: Be prepared, May 9th is just 10 weeks from tomorrow.

Druid 82 February 26, 2019 12:27PM

Preparing for a Welcome-to-Hunt Outing.

Monte 90 February 26, 2019 11:38PM

Re: Preparing for a Welcome-to-Hunt Outing.

Druid 109 February 27, 2019 02:09PM

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