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Re: A Ghost Town "hunt factor" - refinement

May 21, 2019 09:01AM avatar
Well, my table was only a beginning and an idea, and I was looking for refinements and other variables to include.

Rich and Monte both alluded to the "age factor". So I've included a new variable in my calculation, an age factor. If a town was established in 1920, it gets a 1.0 multiplier. If 1850 1.7, with extrapolation in between. Other factors are very difficult to assign, since we don't know the exact populations on exact dates.

At least I think this new chart has some value.

Well George, as far as "Refinements & Variables" the sites you mention are easy to access public sites. Detectors have been out for approx 50 years or so. Generally, the easier sites have been well picked over more so than the more difficult to detect sites. One might say that the more difficult ( loaded iron/rusted tin) sites could hold more potential today

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Ghost town hunt factor Attachments

glabelle 229 May 20, 2019 10:21AM

A Ghost Town "hunt factor" is a serious consideration. Been doing it since late 1968.

Monte 170 May 21, 2019 01:04AM

A Ghost Town "hunt factor"... Part 2. → What I factor in for those Nevada towns.

Monte 159 May 21, 2019 07:19AM

Re: A Ghost Town "hunt factor"... Part 2. - Giving back Attachments

glabelle 150 May 21, 2019 08:55AM

A terrific photo! Thank You!thumbs up

Monte 131 May 21, 2019 09:42AM

More maps Attachments

glabelle 207 May 21, 2019 04:38PM

MAPS! ... George, your computer tallents and generosity are appreciated!thumbs up

Monte 99 May 22, 2019 07:49AM

Re: More maps

NWCindy 93 May 22, 2019 05:08AM

Re: A Ghost Town "hunt factor" - refinement Attachments

glabelle 128 May 21, 2019 08:50AM

Re: A Ghost Town "hunt factor" - refinement

OregonGregg 120 May 21, 2019 09:01AM

Re: A Ghost Town "hunt factor" - refinement

glabelle 123 May 21, 2019 09:08AM

variable or constant?

UtahRich 17 December 07, 2019 09:19PM

Re: variable or constant?

OregonGregg 17 December 08, 2019 09:00AM

Re: variable or constant?

D&P-OR 12 December 08, 2019 07:47PM

Re: Ghost town hunt factor

Kickindirt 126 May 20, 2019 07:47PM

Re: Ghost town hunt factor

silverhound2 130 May 20, 2019 10:08PM

Re: Ghost town hunt factor

Kickindirt 108 May 20, 2019 11:12PM

Ghost town hunt factor

UtahRich 152 May 20, 2019 02:02PM

My target

glabelle 156 May 20, 2019 02:33PM

What is my Window of Expectation?

UtahRich 105 May 20, 2019 11:34PM

Re: My target

NWCindy 119 May 20, 2019 04:02PM

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