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A couple more comments re: Detectors / Coils / Ferrous Annoyance.

February 04, 2020 05:36PM avatar
Had a lot of experience with both in carpet of nails and Deus hands down is the better performer.
There's no definition of a "carpet of nails" so let's just say you have hunted a site or two with a lot of nails. I've spent the bulk of my detecting time the past 37 years concentrating on homesteads, pioneer and military encampments, working in and around old structures and debris fields, and especially getting decent keepers out of ghost towns in several western US states You either have to use a lot of Discrimination to reject Nails and just pretend they aren't around because you can't hear them, or you work those sites with a lower Disc. setting to accept the nails and then learn how to deal with them and audibly classify the annoying trash.

Before that I still encountered Nails during the 18 years of mainly Coin Hunting with occasional visits to old and out-of-the-way locations, so I was already familiar with Nail issues.

I'm not a Deus fan, but I do own two XP ORX units, keeping different coils on each, and I've only had them since the first of June last year. I have hunted a few old town sites a little last year, and got the 2nd unit this past fall. I have done, and am doing, a lot of controlled test comparisons using Nails. Both actual in-the-field Test Scenarios and some I have seen on You Tube or imagined from other experiences I have encountered.

I haven't owned an Equinox, but I was curious about the weight and balance with the 6" DD coil so I borrowed a friends 800, briefly, and I didn't make any settings changes, just to see what I thought of that coil because I use smaller-size coils the majority of the time in heavy trash. So, new, brief--use experience and only using his settings and I didn't mess with anything, but I didn't feel the EQ-800 was up to the performance I have enjoyed with the ORX.

Equinox can be used but it must be used very slow and oddly enough I prefer the 11" coil, the 6" coil falses too much on nail heads and really has very little advantage over the 11".
I hear that from some people, but the 6" DD does provide some benefits I noticed over the 11" DD standard coil. However, like any make or models detector, and any coil size, shape and type, there are a lot of people and we all have our different likes and dislikes. For me, IF I had an Equinox, I would also have the 6" DD coil. That said, I am continuing to trim my Detector Outfit to fewer detectors that are lighter-weight and serve my needs with the health limitations I am dealing with. And while that makes a 'void' on my den wall, I can assure you there is no 'Reserved' sign that reads Equinox.

I see you guys talk about the Fors Relic (never had one) but I have had the Racer, Impact and Kruzer with the OOR or 5" DD coils, still preferred the Deus over all those. Maybe at the outing you guys can show me what the Relic has to offer.
Of that group I liked the Impact over the Racer, Racer 2, Multi-Kruzer and Anfibio Multi. I just might find a new Impact to fill a wall space and only have the 5" DD and 7" Concentric coils for it, keeping the 7" mounted full-time. It would make a great 'scouting unit' for me and handle a lot of urban Coin Hunting tasks.

The Nokta FORS CoRe was the unit that totally switched me over to the Nokta brand from quite a few that I owned back in early January of 2015. The FORS Relic prototype arrived the following January and brought along the higher 19 kHz frequency (the CoRe is 15 kHz), as well the additional Swift mode, Deep mode, also referred to as Boost mode, and the Iron Audio Volume adjustment. It also has a lower Ferrous / Non-Ferrous break-point at .20. and that spreads out the non-ferrous VDI range.

With the 'OOR' DD mounted on the CoRe and the 5" DD attached to the Relic, these two devices have provided me with some of the best good-target performance in different Nail-challenged conditions. Oh, I have other very good models in my Detector Outfit that have served me wonderfully since the latter '90s, and they were also some of the units that had performance I have wanted other detectors to try and match. The CoRe and Relic did, and in many tests I am doing I have been pleased with the ORX as well.

I am going to be making a trip your direction in a week or two as I have a detector I fixed up to get back to a friend in Ogden, and I also need to get with my son in Farmington to visit and have him help me shop for a new computer. It won't be much of a drive from where you live and I'd be glad to try and meet up with you for a chat .... and let you handle the Relic, too. It won't be a long trip, but it would let you have an idea about the Relic and its performance potential ahead of the WTHO.


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Deus Vs Eq 800 in carpet of nails.

Kickindirt 242 February 03, 2020 02:08PM

"What ya all think about this?" No clear definitions. No clear examples. Nothing useful.

Monte 158 February 04, 2020 09:57AM

Re: "What ya all think about this?" No clear definitions. No clear examples. Nothing useful.

Kickindirt 122 February 04, 2020 01:07PM

Re: Deus Vs Eq 800 in carpet of nails.

diggindeep 124 February 04, 2020 09:11AM

A couple more comments re: Detectors / Coils / Ferrous Annoyance.

Monte 131 February 04, 2020 05:36PM

Re: A couple more comments re: Detectors / Coils / Ferrous Annoyance.

diggindeep 116 February 05, 2020 08:30AM

Just get rid of the snow and I'll get it planned. N/T

Monte 114 February 06, 2020 03:21AM

Re: Deus Vs Eq 800 in carpet of nails.

Kickindirt 109 February 04, 2020 01:12PM

In dense nails I prefer the CoRe and Relic over the Racer's, Kruzer and Anfibio.

Monte 117 February 04, 2020 10:12AM

A carpet of nails . . .

UtahRich 184 February 03, 2020 11:24PM

Re: A carpet of nails . . .

D&P-OR 119 February 06, 2020 09:08AM

Re: A carpet of nails . . .

OregonGregg 128 February 08, 2020 08:38AM

Re: A carpet of nails . . .

OregonGregg 128 February 06, 2020 08:47AM

Re: brings a detector to its knees.

Kickindirt 124 February 04, 2020 01:19PM

You know what I'll be bringing to Wells

Monte 154 February 04, 2020 04:07AM

smileys with diet Dr. Pepper float N/T

UtahRich 104 February 04, 2020 08:57AM

Re: Deus Vs Eq 800 in carpet of nails.

D&P-OR 165 February 03, 2020 07:07PM

Re: Deus Vs Eq 800 in carpet of nails.

Kickindirt 171 February 03, 2020 08:15PM

Re: Deus Vs Eq 800 in carpet of nails.

Dan'o 158 February 03, 2020 07:01PM

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