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'Family CoRe Day' at Rippville.

April 27, 2020 02:24PM avatar
Yesterday was another chance to get away when there was very pleasant weather, but OregonGregg had 'work' -- of all things -- to get in his way of having fun. I called my oldest son, Monte Jr., but he said they were still remodeling and working on the laundry room and kitchen. So, I loaded up Rikki and we headed out. Got almost out of cell range and had a call. Monte told his Dad the boys were loading things up and he'd meet me out at Rippville! I have to tell you, that brightened my day!

I had my Relic Hunting Team of detectors along, to include the leader-of-the-pack, my 'Edge Red' Nokta FORS CoRe w/'OOR' mounted and ready-to-go. I had three Nokta CoRe devices powder coated 'Edge Red' and one was in the back of my vehicle. The 2nd is hanging on my den wall with the 5X9½ DD mounted, and the 3rd ... Monte Jr. has it. Swapped from his black rod system. So there were going to be two 'Edge Red' CoRe models hard at work by the 'elder' Berry's, Monte's Sr. & Jr.

Finishing the drive out I was really hoping to not be skunked, and especially hopeful that the younger Monte would also enjoy some success. Anyone who puts in some ghost town hunting time knows it doesn't happen each and every time. I had found the warn and damaged, un-booked Vale Token just three trips before, then I was skunked on the next trip when Gregg nabbed two good finds, and the day-before when he found three Trade Tokens to my zilch!

I thought about the day before and that his first token find was an 'At Domes Place' - 'GF 5¢ IT'. About the most common token we find out there, but hadn't hunted this section of town before so hadn't found one there. Then after just a few minutes, Gregg unearthed another token, a 'Hart's Place' - GF 5¢ IT. Then a minute or two later, right nearby the last token, he gets a Mills Novelty Token out of San Francisco.

I arrived, got the water bowl out and filled for Rikki, then headed over toward where I worked the day before. Wasn't working that little coil slowly and methodically for more than 10 minutes when 'Bang!' A very clean and solid hit, my second for the day, and I turned up a Trade Token .... Darn .. an 'At Dome's Place.' Oh well, at least I wasn't skunked, and that's what Gregg started with the day before.

The clear, sunny day progressed with it getting much warmer and a lot of the 'ought-to-be-good' targets that were non-ferrous but junk, and a good supply of those 'iffy' signals that might have been a keeper lurking close to some ferrous trash. Finally, Monte arrived and he got the boys started over in the other area and he joined me in the 'new zone' that had always been choked with tall dense weeds and sagebrush. Monte Jr. needs to get out more and put in more time, but after a short while I don't think most folks would have noticed a difference in hunt style and technique. He was hunting an area 'slowly-and-methodically' and working that little 'OOR' coil to help classify potential Iron trash from a maybe-be-good target.

He found a neat little saw medallion which looked good and sounded good, and is a unique piece of artifact. The kind of find, and sound of a find, that sparks you on. Not long after that I swept over another decent-sounding target and from about 2½" and at about a 45° angle, I got a 2nd Trade Token, and srprisingly, just like Gregg's 2nd Trade Token the day before, it was a 'Hart's Place' - GF 5¢ IT. I was about 18-20 feet due west of Monte Jr. and I had an urge to hunt his direction, but he was still working that general area where the medallion was found, so common courtesy had me not infringe on his close 'space' but move northward a little and hunt around him.

I did, as I was about worn out and very thirsty, so I was detecting toward my vehicle to take a break and get some cold Diet Dr. Pepper.smiling smiley He was only a short distance from the medallion find when he recovered another good signal and let out with excitement ... A 'V' Nickel! Now he wasn't skunked and I felt good that we could leave Rippville that day with both of us being successful.

hust about 5 feet from where I was then toward my vehicle I got another good-sounding signal, and it was a manufacturer's 'plate' that read: NATHAN - Manufactured by - Nathan Novelty Mfg. Co. - 2151-2165 Prospect Ave. - New York. A nice-sounding brass or copper piece that is a 'uniquery' but not an Old Coin or Trade Token.

What I was using: Nokta FORS CoRe w/'OOR' DD coil. I was hunting in my 'saved' turn-on 3-Tone mode; Sensitivity '99'; Discrimination of '10'.

Monte Jr. was using: The same set-up, and, unless he changed the settings we had 'saved', he was also hunting in 3-Tone with the same Sensitivity and Disc. settings.

Fortunately, today was a little cloudier, a little on the occasional damp side of things, and periodiclly breezy. I needed a 'Stay-at-Home' break just to get some needed sleep. There's always tomorrow, Tuesday, and once again it's going to be action movie time: 'The Attack on RippvilleI'


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*** All working well today to make memories for tomorrow. ***

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'Family CoRe Day' at Rippville. Attachments

Monte 254 April 27, 2020 02:24PM

Re: 'Family CoRe Day' at Rippville.

NWCindy 119 April 28, 2020 04:31PM

Re: 'Family CoRe Day' at Rippville.

Utah1971 117 April 28, 2020 07:55AM

Re: 'Family CoRe Day' at Rippville.

Elbert 145 April 27, 2020 07:55PM

For a detector or for camera shots?

Monte 153 April 28, 2020 03:54AM

Re: For a detector or for camera shots?

Elbert 137 April 28, 2020 06:39AM

El, I'll be going to the V-540 w/5X8 DD on the next trip.

Monte 122 April 29, 2020 09:55AM

Re: 'Family CoRe Day' at Rippville.

diggindeep 125 April 27, 2020 02:54PM

Re: 'Family CoRe Day' at Rippville. Attachments

Monte Jr 243 April 26, 2020 08:24PM

Re: 'Family CoRe Day' at Rippville.

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Re: 'Family CoRe Day' at Rippville.

Elbert 115 April 27, 2020 07:59PM

Re: 'Family CoRe Day' at Rippville.

UtahRich 123 April 27, 2020 04:06PM

Re: ..... Rippville.

OregonGregg 142 April 26, 2020 08:52PM

Re: .... Rippville.

Kickindirt 142 April 26, 2020 08:31PM

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