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Thanks for the settings & modes, etc.

May 11, 2020 07:15PM avatar
Thanks Monte setting were.
With deus I was using a custom program based off of deus fast. Basically the same as the ORX coin fast. Mine was full tones. Sense 93, I always switch reactivity setting any from 2.5 to 4 depending on site conditions.
There is a notable difference in the Reactivity between the Deus and ORX. The4 ORX only offers '1', '2', '2.5' and '3'. I never used '3' on the ORX, and very seldom '2.5', either. Those settings often cut in on depth and other desired performance for me when I hunted.

Anfibio setting were the 3 tone program with sense around 75-80. Zero disc. I did end up dropping my lowest break point from 22 to 15. Reason being I was getting a broken signal that was bouncing on the meter from 15- 25- 15- 23 and so on. So I dropped my break point and the signal went from a broken sounding to nice clear tone. When I dug it up it was a nice little button. The rest of the day I was watching the meter to see if I needed to drop break point anymore. 15 seem to be a good place. Also 15 is the factory set break point so figures it would be good.
I like 3-Tone in a lot of mixed trash. Tone Break is always at the 'default' '15' which is the Ferrous / Non-Ferrous break-point. I found the higher break-point settings also caused some audio annoyance as it was clipping back-and-forth with the Non-Ferrous lower conductive targets.

I need to find a silver Half-Dime by the time of the WTHO so folks can check out some tougher testing with detectors and coils. It will be interesting.


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Kickindirt 220 May 09, 2020 05:52PM

Re: Nothing Special

NWCindy 106 May 10, 2020 06:45PM

Wrong! ... There was a lot 'special' about your trip.

Monte 115 May 10, 2020 06:35PM

Re: Wrong! ... There was a lot 'special' about your trip.

Kickindirt 118 May 11, 2020 08:34AM

Thanks for the settings & modes, etc.

Monte 113 May 11, 2020 07:15PM

Re: Wrong! ... There was a lot 'special' about your trip.

UtahRich 109 May 11, 2020 08:41AM

Re: Nothing Special

Utah1971 110 May 10, 2020 02:45PM

Re: Nothing Special

Kickindirt 106 May 10, 2020 05:15PM

Re: Nothing Special

diggindeep 110 May 10, 2020 07:46AM

Re: Nothing Special

Elbert 111 May 10, 2020 07:08AM

Re: Nothing Special

OregonGregg 115 May 09, 2020 08:40PM

Re: Nothing Special

Kickindirt 121 May 09, 2020 11:43PM

Re: Nothing Special

Druid 110 May 10, 2020 08:31AM

Bird is unique!

zincoln 126 May 09, 2020 07:33PM

Re: Bird is unique!

Kickindirt 117 May 09, 2020 11:39PM

Re: Bird is unique!

Remfire 114 May 10, 2020 06:24AM

Re: Gold Coin

Kickindirt 113 May 10, 2020 08:57AM

Benjamin Button

UtahRich 120 May 09, 2020 06:45PM

Re: Benjamin Button

silverhound2 121 May 09, 2020 07:11PM

Re: Nothing Special

Druid 125 May 09, 2020 06:27PM

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