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Not a bad idea, except ...sad smiley

June 22, 2020 05:39PM avatar
Six kids meant I parted with a lot along the way to pay of medical expenses. Needed $$$ for new firearms as I enjoyed hunting, competitive shooting (handgun) and matches when I was in law enforcement. Naturally, that called for additional ammo, too. Had to offset expenses for the trips I often took around the western states for detecting jaunts, and I didn't always get free test-sample detectors but still wanted / needed to evaluate all I could.

I certainly can't forget when we hit the high-mark give-or-take 39 years ago and silver and gold prices were at their peak, and I unloaded just about all of that I could, both coins and jewelry, which also helped move me from Oregon back to Utah and buy a vehicle. Two divorces that left me with empty pockets so I fell back on what better stuff I had at the time to keep me going and get me moved along.

OregonGregg is one of those lucky guys who is able to make it by without tapping his finds for seven years. I have other friends, much older, who also clung to all their keepers, even a couple until they passed away. It didn't do them much good except they had a lot of locks and keys and a few other things hanging on display around their home, and a lot stashed away that nobody ever saw.

I do still have some of my favorite finds, and I have been keeping a binder of the better 'keepers' since early 2016. I also have several quart jars I display with all my modern change, sorted and cleaned, as a conversation piece in my living room. Then, I also enjoy having some fun with all the 'doo-dads' from hunting ghost towns and other older sites, and a separate container of modern, urban 'stuff' such as junk jewelry, small toy cars and such.

For me, a lot of the 'fun' I enjoy is simply getting out detecting; doing research to locate new places to hunt, and learning all I can about the different detectors I own as well as some I like to evaluate. When I get enough good gold and silver jewelry I will sell it as desired. When the modern 'flash money' over-accumulates then I cash it in and invest in something I want. And I enjoy having a Yard Sale a couple of times a year when 'my' stuff is pretty much confined to a small card table and I open the treasure chests of misc. old-site junk and let folks dig through. I tell them: "You Pick-You Price" "I don't deal in Pennies and if you're not reasonable I say no."

You wouldn't believe what folks offer to pay, because to them it is interesting and they might have a use for it. They might collect certain things or what stuff for a decoupage display or who know what! At one sale my ex father-in-law couldn't sell any of his over-priced junk, but he watched with amazement when people dug through my junk box and bought stuff. One time a gal was looking through it and asked, 'you found all this out metal detecting?' and I said 'yes.' Then she spotted an old spoon, tarnished and the spoon bowl was a bit squished. She said; "This is kind of ornate. How much do you want?" I said; "You pick and you price."

Really! Well, would you take a dollar for it? I hesitated like it was an important decision and said, 'Yes.' She asked; 'For any of them' and I again said 'Yes.' She then dug through my ghost town junk and found every old and bent and squishes and occasionally half-decent knife, fork and spoon I had and paid me $28 for those 28 pieces of 'junk.' To me it was kind of fun just as it was searching for good stuff and finding unwanted things. A squished copper thimble with nothing ornate about it .... "Would you take Five Dollars?" ... Sold!

So even though I can't put in the time I used to I still get out and enjoy finding 'stuff' while mainly looking for Trade Tokens and Old Coins. I had fun finding it, and I have fun selling it as well.


"Your EYES ... the only 100% accurate form of Discrimination!"

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A afternoon hunt at Rippville. Attachments

OregonGregg 195 June 18, 2020 07:21PM

back to the ol' nickel routine again..... Attachments

OregonGregg 113 June 22, 2020 10:15PM

Out to set a 2020 record for the number of V nickels found. N/T

Monte 100 June 23, 2020 07:57AM

Re: back to the ol' nickel routine again.....

UtahRich 101 June 22, 2020 11:13PM

Re: back to the ol' nickel routine again.....

OregonGregg 99 June 23, 2020 04:35AM

Rich doesn't like fishing. He likes to go

Monte 109 June 23, 2020 05:41AM

Whites service and Repair

UtahRich 103 June 23, 2020 09:18AM

Re: A afternoon hunt at Rippville.

Druid 113 June 21, 2020 08:07PM

Re: A afternoon hunt at Rippville. Attachments

OregonGregg 126 June 22, 2020 06:56AM

Re: A afternoon hunt at Rippville. Now you can color me greengrinning smiley

Druid 101 June 22, 2020 11:20AM

I have to agree, Drew.

Monte 119 June 22, 2020 06:07AM

Re: I have to agree, Drew. Monte if that is what Gregg has accomplished in 7 years I can’t imagine what you have stashed awayeye popping smiley

Druid 97 June 22, 2020 11:23AM

Not a bad idea, except ...sad smiley

Monte 110 June 22, 2020 05:39PM

Great read.....i enjoyed that vivid story! N/T

zincoln 100 June 22, 2020 09:36PM

Re: Not a bad idea, except ...sad smiley Monte the journey not the destination.

Druid 102 June 22, 2020 06:32PM

Yep, the time I spend at interesting sites and with others is the real reward. N/T

Monte 88 June 22, 2020 08:43PM

Give Rippville another try and .......... Attachments

OregonGregg 143 June 21, 2020 02:50PM

Re: Give Rippville another try and ..........

zincoln 105 June 21, 2020 09:41PM

Give Rippville another try and ..........

UtahRich 100 June 21, 2020 10:34PM

Re: Give Rippville another try and ..........

zincoln 102 June 21, 2020 10:57PM

Re: Give Rippville another try and ..........

OregonGregg 110 June 22, 2020 06:38AM

Re: Give Rippville another try and ..........

zincoln 92 June 22, 2020 09:31PM

Clad only, please. winking smiley N/T

Monte 97 June 22, 2020 08:01AM

A day full of "could-of-beens' is still a fun day.

Monte 103 June 21, 2020 06:24PM

Re: Give Rippville another try and ..........

Goondock 109 June 21, 2020 05:31PM

" Token Gregg " N/T

Dan'o 109 June 21, 2020 04:11PM

Re: Give Rippville another try and ..........

Kickindirt 110 June 21, 2020 03:08PM

Once again is successful afternoon Ghost Town hunt.

Monte 100 June 19, 2020 04:50PM

In the road again . . . .

UtahRich 105 June 19, 2020 01:34PM

Re: A afternoon hunt at Rippville.

zincoln 110 June 18, 2020 08:38PM

Lady Liberty rescued again. . . .

UtahRich 102 June 19, 2020 01:31PM

Re: A afternoon hunt at Rippville.

Kickindirt 109 June 18, 2020 07:31PM

Re: A afternoon hunt at Rippville.

OregonGregg 108 June 19, 2020 07:25AM

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