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Re: 1000's of words response to Monte......kinda smiling smiley

November 11, 2020 01:27PM avatar
It's really just a mid-size search coil you really need to find.

I have a couple of excellent what I consider mid-size for the M6 as well as for the MXT Pro and that is the 9" spider coil and 8x6 SEF Coil....both more than capable for working the open areas.
Well, the 9" Concentric spider coil from White's I agree with as a good performer. As you know, I'm not thrilled with the 6X8 SEF Detech coil because that doesn't handle a lot of iron incorporated targets well and some other sites .... not nearly as well as the 9" round Concentric.

But you are correct. You have an M6 and MXT Pro and you have the round 9" Concentric and the funny-looking 6X8 DD SEF coil, so you already HAD the coils you needed to use to work a 'fringe' area or for 'scouting' some lower-trash and more open areas. That's what I said you needed, a detector and coil combination suited to 'fringe area' and 'scouting' applications. The smaller-size 7' DD wasn't needed and that's what I was getting at.

My M6 w 7" or 4x6 will do as much or more in your test situations.

One of those might do a little better, but I don't think so, and I know the two combined are not going to be great picks. The Test Scenarios I used, the M6 w/4X6 scored '32', with a 4X6½ '35', and the 6X8 SEF only made it to '29'.. The new 7" Detech DD didn't do as well, and I know didn't match the Apex, V-540 or Simplex +.

Ok, a few corrections here. We never tested the 7" Detech coil. I didn't have it yet. The three coils that I did have at the time of your test and you took notes was: The Whites 4x6 shooter. The Detech Excelerator II 4.5x7" coil and the Whites Eclipse 5.3. Each of the elliptical DD coils made it in the 30+ on your test with the 4x6 shooter doing the best. It was not the 6x8 SEF that failed with only 29, that was the Whites Eclipse 5.3 coil.
On your drive home from Rippville you had your M6 w/7" DD Detech coil. I was curious about the weight and balance, and when in-hand I checked it out on the Nail Board .... still in the very same spot where I had been testing 10 other detectors, plus some of my other detectors not in the evaluation, plus where we checked out your M6 and MXT Pro and wide-array do DD coils and two Concentric coils. The M6 and 7" DD didn't work well. It was also swept over several of the other Test Scenarios and you didn't hear me jump up excitedly saying I needed to get an M6 and Detech 7".

Yes, the 'points' were reported for the models that were not in the evaluation because they are either not made or offered new in the $550 and under price range. But that wasn't really the point I was making. You already have a CoRe and Relic that are simply unmatchable with their smaller coils in the very iron contaminated sites. We each have our efficiently-equipped CoRe and Relic for those tasks. And as you noted, you already have a 6½" Concentric, and 4X6 'Shooter' DD and 4½X7 Detech Exclerator DD, and if you wanted you could mount that 6X8 SEF .... so you already had the smaller-size coils that could be used for trashier places, that don't match the CoRe or Relic in performance, but could be used in trash. I couldn't see a need for another coil in the same category, like the round 7" DD, because you had those needs covered and your interests, and some of this discussion, was for a detector and coil to work 'fringe' areas and for 'scouting' AND you had been interested in other detectors and coils to tackle those tasks, such as the Apex and Vanquish 540, and thinking of coils in the 5X8 to 5X9½ size range.

Besides, both those M6 coils are smaller than the better 'fringe-size' and 'scouting-size' coils, and you don't need a smaller-size coil because it wouldn't match the Relic or CoRe in performance in the really nasty environments.

I agree 100% however, I still favor a smaller coil like the 7" Detech or the Detech 4.5 x7" for the simple fact that a bit smaller coils will slow you down: ie..the bigger the coil the faster you try to cover an area. The smaller coils keep me in check, if you will, and I tend to do a slower methodical sweep speed vs, a larger coil. I'm perfectly happy swinging a 7" coil all day.
Well, if that's the case then the discussion's over. You can get rid of all those other Double-D and Concentric coils you have for the M6 and MXT Pro. Might as well ditch the 'OOR' DD and 5" DD and NEL Snake DD and 7" Concentric coils for the Racer and Racer 2 as well and just get a 7" DD Detech for those models. If you can "hunt all day" with that 7" DD, go at it. Just grab a CoRe or Relic when you want smaller, and attach a 6X8 SEF DD or 9" Concentric on the M6 or MXT Pro when you want to cruise the less-trashy / more open areas and don't bother shopping for a new detector and mid-sized coil. Use a detector and coil you like, that's what it's all about.

Yes features are nice, in fact, I have posted numerous times that I wish the Fors Core would have had Iron Audio Volume. It doesn't. But I continue to use it and because of lack of features, I hear everything from Iron on up the scale, I do this for the simple fact, there are not too many other machines out there that will do in iron infested sites like a Fors Core. Features are nice, but I put performance first. And I extend that thought to the M6 and MXT Pro as well. They may not be feature-rich, but in their simplistic/performance way......they do work fine.
Nope, no argument here! I also put 'performance' at the top of my list, blended with a comfortable weight and balance, and easy-to-use design.

The M6 was a really good model introduction to bring us the original MXT performance in a simple and functional design. I used to use it along with the MXT, then gladly moved to the MXT Pro. They offered a lot in the way of function and performance .... and-they still do. Their abilities didn't degrade over time and they still work well. However, at the time they came out and were popular, the detector market was 'different.' Look back in time, about 10-15 years, at the MSRP of most of the detectors the other manufacturers offered. Look how expensive the Teknetics T2 and Fisher F75 were. Even Garrett's top-end models or those from Minelab.

Then, times changed and other manufacturers saw the light. It was just 6 years ago I bought two Teknetics T2 'Classic' units at their new reduced $499 price. Garrett had a lower MSRP on the AT Pro. Fisher soon had their F75's at a lower price. And 6 years ago this coming January 8th is when I got my Nokta FORS CoRe, and they, also, were higher priced ... but then they reduced the retail price of the CoRe. In the spring of 2016, almost 5 year ago, Nokta / Makro brought out the FORS Relic at $799 but it came with a standard coil AND a 5" DD coil. The Racer 2 that was also at a very reasonable and lower MSRP competitive price.

All manufacturers have been bringing us newer and different models at great prices. Just looking back over the past 5 years coming up this new year gets us to 2016. The CoRe was already reduced in price. The F75's and T2 series were reduced and affordable. Also in the $899 and under price we have seen the AT Max, Apex, T2, T2 Classic and T2 +, Racer 2, Impact, Kruzer series, Anfibio series, Simplex +, Equinox 800 and 600 models and three Vanquish series models, the XP ORX, and even from Whites the MX Sport and MX-7. And other decade-old detectors that offer a lot of versatility at killer prices today, such as the Fisher F5, Omega 8500.

But what happened at White's over all that time? Other than fixing the very glitched MX Sport to be a decent model and now in a land-based MX-7 ... and both affordable ... they dropped and then brought back the M6, finally calling it a model for Crime Scene selection, and the MXT Pro they spent some pennies to add an 'All' sticker to the sides of the control housing and switched from a 950 Concentric to a 10" D2 DD coil .... and kept the retail price at $899.95. They never adjusted the retail to be more in-line with the approaches from Fisher, Teknetics, Minelab, Garrett, Nokta / Makro or others. They just kept making the same two detectors at their same high-dollar price point and never ... NEVER ,, did anything to enhance their adjustment functions or add 'modern' features to those designs.

Yes, a lot of newer or modern features are nice, such as Iron Audio Volume control. So is having an option like 2-Tone or 3-Tone audio, or maybe a design with a more useful 4 or 5 Tone audio ID, but not the nutty 7-Tone of the M6 or MXT Pro. Naturally I am not saying every detector is useless if it isn't totally 'modern' and up-to-date. The two favorite Tesoro's I like to use are not 'modern' but they work great. The simple single-tone IDX Pro lacks just about every modern feature you can think of .... but with a good modification for Threshold and GB it helps make it a terrific detector ... and it served 'zincoln' well this year.

He also has an M6 in his outfit, along with an MX Sport and V3i, and in his case, for what he wants to do, all of them work well and, because of that he enjoys the hunts and has 'fun' and, in the end, that's what counts. I have my 'old tech' Tesoro Bandido II microMAX and Silver Sabre microMAX and XLT and they all work well for me for an assortment of needs, and then I have my more modern models. Even though the first has been on the market for a while, it offers a lot of useful functions, and those are my F5, two Apex, V-540, and two Simplex + units. For me and my wants and needs, all of them work well, I enjoy using them and that 'fun-factor' is what I enjoy. Plus they all have some adjustments and features that I like.

You know that I know the M6 and MXT Pro. I like them and used to use them as my main units, until the FORS CoRe came along. They are still good detectors and I can't fault anyone from liking them and using them. I do know, however, that some search coils work better on them than others, at least for my wants and needs, so I only encourage folks to invest in a coil, or coils, that will also work well on the detector as well as serve their needs afield. I've trimmed most of the excess coils from my outfit that I just don't need and only hang on to the search coils that work well and service a practical purpose.

So, to wrap up this lengthy reply, I am pleased you like what you own and use. I'm glad you have an assortment of coils that work on them. And I encourage you to take some time to play around with all of the coils you have and determine which might be the better picks and then, perhaps, thin out those you just never really need or use. Then match the coils to the detectors for the tasks-at-hand. On the positive side you don't own any bad detectors, so all-is-well.


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1000's of words response to Monte......kinda smiling smiley Attachments

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