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It looks like the end of a quick get-away ghost town era.sad smiley

March 22, 2021 11:27PM avatar
I enjoyed the run out to Rippville to meet up with Gregg yesterday. I was able to get in almost 1½ hours of hunt-time with my Apex & 'Ripper' DD, and as I'm slowly recovering that was the most I have been able to do yet. And Gregg was correct, Boomer, Lilly and Rikki all had a lot of fun as well. I'm not quite sure, however, which of us came away the worse from it, Miss Rikki or me? With her hip issues and bum right-rear knee, we both struggled to get up the two steps to the deck to make it in the house. After a couple of tries using my cane and the handrail, I had to pause to help lift her to the deck.

I was hoping for one more GT trip but time's run too short it appears. My house was supposed to close on the 24th and now it looks like it will be this coming Friday or next Monday. Yesterday I spotted a new listing of a few places in Texas, I was interested in two, one especially, and Monte Jr., who just moved to a small neighboring town last Thursday, made a drive over and he and Juli checked them out with the realtor. The report back was quite favorable, it's in an okay neighborhood, and the realtor contacted me, we took care of some long-distance paperwork, I made an offer they accepted, and everything is in the works for me to be moved into a new-to-me Abilene Texas home by maybe the 12th of April, or as soon as possible.

If you can imagine, I am kind of excited about all of this, and the place looks really nice for Rikki & me. I'll have some new areas to learn about and places to find to hunt, but at the same time I am sure going to miss the five or six ghost towns that are all within a very reasonable drive from where I am now. Going to miss watching Rikki have a grand time playing with Gregg's two pooches, and i'm going to miss all the hunt-time I've enjoyed with Gregg this past 5½ years since moving to Vale.

Gregg has done a lot to thin out as many keepers as possible from all those nearby ghost towns, and it's been my pleasure to spend the time and be able to be on-site when he's made a lot of those recoveries. I've found my share, but hunting with a good friend who is enjoying success adds a lot to the pleasure I get out of this great sport. I've had good friends live close to me when I was in the Portland Oregon area, as well as the Ogden Utah area. I'm hoping I can find anyone who is deeply interested and involved in this hobby like they have been when I get to Texas. I'll be fortunate if I can find just one or two with the enthusiasm Gregg has, or my friends from when lived elsewhere, to join me in some detecting.

And I wonder if I might be so lucky as to find someone who also has a friendly and playful 4-legged friend to keep Rikki company on a detecting adventure. On a positive note, those old town sites are not moving, and they all still have some keepers to be found, so I'll get to follow OregonGregg's adventures with everyone else as he adds his detecting trips and recoveries to these AHRPS Forums. And knowing Gregg, they are mainly going to be found here on the Relic / Old Site Forum.

So, I'm headed East until I get 'Out West' in the central chunk of what they call West Texas, and while my crappy health conditions are turning me more to urban Coin Hunting, I sure hope I can come across at least a few old-use sites that haven't been picked to pieces and will let me still get a taste of some real ghost town type hunting. And while I'm wishing that opportunity for me, I'm including a wish for all AHRPS Forum participants, and regular readers, to also find some good friends, some good hunt sites, and a lot of enjoyable days afield this year as we shift into more favorable weather in most places.

Monte? Oh, I'll be around regardless of where I live and will keep enjoying all the posts and participation we have here at AHRPS. A lot of really great posters / contributors on this site.

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Plugging along one single tone at a time............ Attachments

OregonGregg 103 March 21, 2021 05:40PM

Amazing Detector Gregg. ....

UtahRich 44 March 22, 2021 11:52PM

It looks like the end of a quick get-away ghost town era.sad smiley

Monte 44 March 22, 2021 11:27PM

Congrats Gregg!---but----

D&P-OR 37 March 22, 2021 09:53PM

Congrats Gregg! N/T

Timbertodd 32 March 22, 2021 08:48PM

Re: Plugging along one single tone at a time............

Kickindirt 45 March 22, 2021 06:58PM

Congratulations on not getting skunked.

Monte 40 March 21, 2021 07:47PM

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