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A quick trip - a few old coins

March 25, 2021 09:46PM avatar
I had the day off Work on Wednesday and with things still on the cool side, I thought it would be nice to go back to an area a friend and I detected about 10 days ago.

Conditions were dryer and cool with a chilling breeze from the south. I fired up my 800 to start and began to re-hunt the small area we hunted previously.

If you remember my last post, my buddy had just acquired a new equinox 800 bringing him from the lates 80's into the 21st century. He was thinking the transition would be overwhelming, but found out it wasn't so bad after all and some of the new capabilities and design erogonomics actually simplified his hunting.

With constantly checking up on how he was doing as he wandered about looking for targets to investigate it wasn't easy to be thorough in my own hunting. We had basically wandered about the small area looking for possible targets. No real organized plan. So, on this visit I was hoping to do some target clean up and see what we missed amongst the conductive trash we had left behind.

First good target was a rock solid nickel signal, medium depth and surrounded by other mid tones in the tab zone on the conductivity scale. At 5" up popped a completely slick nickel. It was so smooth, I doubted I'd be able to get an ID on it other than the target ID from the detector. However later at home I gave it a spray of WD40 and let it sit overnight with the puddle of liquid on the surface. This morning I had a look and there was an obvious shadow image of lady liberty of the V nickel variety. No date. Ah well.

Another hour or so of careful hunting in areas I knew we had missed revealed more conductive trash. Having felt like all of the area had at least seen a coil, I went back to some areas I had retrieved some deeper coins on the last visit.

With some slow and careful hunting I found a deeper target giving an ID below a zincoln. At 7" up popped what I thought was an older wheatie, but while rubbing the dirt of the back, I saw the wreaths and the ONE CENT of an Indian Head Cent. thumbs up There is a bit of corrosion on both sides and I couldn't make out much more of the date than 1XX6. At home, i was able to clean it up some to reveal a 1906. Excellent. Not great condition, but my second IHC of the year.

I then searched the immediate area for other possible good targets. About 18" away I could just locate a reluctant narrow target again in the nickel area on the target ID; 12-13. I had some trouble with this target, after cutting the plug I found the trouble, At about 6" was a rusty nail, 16d sized. I rescanned the hole and now had a steady 12-13. I removed more dirt and suddenly there was a dark nickel sized coin in the pile. A Buffalo nickel. There seemed to be a date and with my readers on in the car I could see 1925. After cleaning it a bit at home, I could make out the S mint mark on the back. Pretty good date and mint mark. Too bad nickels don't fare well in the dirt.

I continued to scan the immediate area and found a real iffy target. Deep. Edge of detection. Very questionable. I changed settings and modes to see if anything else would give me a better idea of what was under the coil. Nope. At this point, I decided it was time to swap the 800 for my Deus and see how it would do.

Deus, 11" x35 coil, ws4 headphones. Again, I went through various settings and modes to see how the Deus compared with my 800. The Deus didn't care for the deep target under the coil and after about five minutes of testing, I decided it was time to dig. Up came a deeeeep rusty nail. I scanned for other possible targets in the hole. Zero.

I continued working the immediately area, slowly working around unwanted targets, hoping for something good. I was using a program set up for hunting some of my high altitude mountain areas. 7.7kHz. Excellent depth, but still retaining the separation speed of the Deus. Between some shallow conductive trash targets was a quieter, high conductive target that was certainly a candidate for an old coin. I cut a deep plug and removed a few inches of dirt from the bottom of the hole before I was able to get a response from my mi6 pinpointer. A couple more inches of dirt removed and there was a wheatie sized coin on my ground cloth. A little brushing off of dirt revealed a 1924-S wheatie. 8" deep. In between some conductive trash. That was a good find.

I wandered about looking for another keeper. A mid tone in the square tab area revealed a child sized gold ring....... that turned out to be plated. Rats. I Dug some more shallow trash, but nothing that would be a keeper. The wind was chilling and I had covered what I wanted. Time to go. Next trip to this spot will be to remove the conductive trash left behind and begin the process of cleaning it out looking for hard targets. I'm sure there are a few more waiting for us.

It was good to get some time on the Deus in this scenario. I usually reserve the Deus for my ghost town trips and areas where the feather weight is needed due to long search hours. It certainly proved it is capable of some deep coin hunting with the 11" x35 coil and the right settings.

open | download - B2B7E1CE-BC27-475E-8BA3-4CFF4ED956A1.jpeg (3.51 MB)
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Re: A quick trip - a few old coins

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Nice score on the Indians, WTGthumbs up N/T

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Re: A quick trip - a few old coins

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Saving a few old coins

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Re: A quick trip - a few old coins

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Re: A quick trip - a few old coins

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Re: A quick trip - a few old coins

Kickindirt 222 March 25, 2021 10:48PM

Wise Choices

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Re: Wise Choices

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