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...with a side of triathalon

August 04, 2021 04:17PM
Well Gregg, you can't say you didn't get any exercise. Holy cow did we cover some ground....and i'm pretty sure I'm sprouting horns and hooves, at least i feel like a goat.

Gregg and hit an old southern Oregon ski slope and covered about every inch of the hill....or at least it felt like it. I managed a 6 silver day last year....and had high hopes. While we did get some sparse rewards, it didn't play out like last year. Pretty clear that the hill has either seen some other detectorists....or not much use/spillage.

On day one, i pulled a 29 buffalo (notice how nice it looks after a 5 second Muratic acid bath and light brushing). Late in the day, i pulled a 19s Walker - will used, but a welcome sight. The next day was tough, but Gregg had pulled both of his finds, and he took off a little early to go back to the cabin. Less than an hour later, i pulled a 41s walker not more than 50 feet from the last. I enjoyed dropping those on the kitchen table every now and then so Gregg could hear them ring:-) Unfortunately day 3 was not a repeat, as we both went home empty handed minus clad an a working Motorola phone.

The hill is not target rich...and not much to keep you from swinging or to mask the goods.....just tough hunting. The only interesting thing is how the rocks play w/ the signals. Everything on the high end of the chart comes in 3-5 VDI higher on the scale....which means you could discriminate out a Silver dollar or possibly even a half dollar if you are notching out top range VDIs to avoid any hot rock noise or big iron. All quarter and even some dimes appear to be halves.

Anyway, it was a nice break from being home and in what has been hot weather for several weeks. Finds were few....but the scenery and the outing were worth it!

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Another dose of Humiliation........... Attachments

OregonGregg 261 August 04, 2021 03:50PM

Nice Merc. thumbs up pups gitting big. N/T

Elbert 101 August 10, 2021 11:22AM

Re: Another dose of Humiliation...........

NWCindy 132 August 08, 2021 05:34PM

Re: Another dose of Humiliation...........

OregonGregg 147 August 09, 2021 06:27PM

Here's your bucket . . . . Attachments

UtahRich 149 August 09, 2021 11:21PM

Re: Here's your bucket . . . .

jmaryt 106 August 10, 2021 07:24AM

Re: Here's your bucket . . . .

OregonGregg 90 August 10, 2021 06:20AM

Re: Another dose of Humiliation...........

D&P-OR 110 August 09, 2021 06:39PM

I could live with that kind of humiliation

Utmike 122 August 05, 2021 11:39AM

It was an atrocity

OregonGregg 124 August 05, 2021 12:27PM

He always makes it sound like he gets the short straw....

zincoln 120 August 05, 2021 02:16PM

Nice short-outing report, and maybe a first for you.

Monte 121 August 05, 2021 04:44AM

Re: Another dose of Humiliation...........

Kickindirt 170 August 05, 2021 12:23AM

Humble Pie -

UtahRich 105 August 04, 2021 11:01PM

...with a side of triathalon Attachments

zincoln 231 August 04, 2021 04:17PM

Re: ...with a side of triathalon

Elbert 127 August 10, 2021 11:27AM

Re: ...with a side of triathalon

diggindeep 105 August 05, 2021 02:13PM

A good story, 'zincoln'.thumbs up

Monte 106 August 05, 2021 04:52AM

Hillside Walkers -

UtahRich 193 August 04, 2021 11:16PM

Re: ...with a side of triathalon

D&P-OR 167 August 04, 2021 09:09PM

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