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August 18, 2021 10:18PM avatar
to be ready for my "showdown " on Friday with Goondock and his new toy. Headed to Rippville yesterday. It sure was nice as the temps dropped and was only in the '70s with a nice little breeze.

I used the Fors CoRe and 9.5 X 5 coil and slowly worked some more open areas. When it was all done I got a nice marble, button and 3 tokens.

All 3 are mavericks as they do not have a Town or State on them. But as always was glad to find and not go home skunked smiling smiley

Gonna work on them some more and get them cleaned up a little better. These came out of an area that they have run cattle thru the years and fertilized so the stuff tends to come out a little on the rougher side sad smiley

Practice ? I think practice might be a test garden in the side yard or something.

That isn't practice. Maybe a brush up on turning the CoRe ON and OFF. And making sure the little digger thing was cleaned off the last time you used it.

The token king strikes again. Nice job with the elliptical. Maybe I shouldn't be to quick to make decisions . . . . . and give that oblong thing another shot.


2022 OregonGregg Ghost Town Challenge - FORS CoRe w/OOR coil
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Getting some practice in..... Attachments

OregonGregg 373 August 18, 2021 08:45PM

Re: Getting some practice in.....

Utmike 271 August 20, 2021 12:08AM

Re: Getting some practice in.....

Goondock 181 August 19, 2021 06:01PM

Re: Getting some practice in.....

OregonGregg 236 August 19, 2021 06:09PM

Cold as Ice . . .

UtahRich 244 August 19, 2021 11:31PM

Re: Getting some practice in.....

Kickindirt 291 August 19, 2021 03:07PM

All hunted out....

zincoln 258 August 19, 2021 11:41AM

Good weather, good mid-size coil, great detector = Another rewarding hunt.thumbs up

Monte 279 August 19, 2021 10:16AM

Re: Good weather, good mid-size coil, great detector = Another rewarding hunt.thumbs up

OregonGregg 253 August 19, 2021 10:34AM


UtahRich 401 August 18, 2021 10:18PM

Well get over here........

OregonGregg 278 August 19, 2021 10:35AM

Pack'em up, move'm out . .

UtahRich 219 August 19, 2021 11:04PM

Re: Pack'em up, move'm out . .

OregonGregg 235 August 21, 2021 07:30AM

Now, there's an idea. A 3-way detector duel.

Monte 168 August 21, 2021 10:49AM

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