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Re: Ghost Town success open question starting with Kickindirt

August 26, 2021 03:06AM avatar
Joel, you (nothing personal) have some of the most desolate, foreboding, iron infested, metal detector killing real estate in your backyard. You know, the kind of stuff seated and token dreams are made of...

At the WTHO, you were kind enough to share some great finds and stories with me. My question as a "new guy" here is how would you and everyone else reading this rate the top factors for success in those kind of environments? I've paid some dues in the ghosts but am particularly intrigued by the amount of of dedication to the topic by the people here. Feel like there's always more to learn... thanks!

Apologies if this isn't the proper place to ask.

Hi Mike no apologies needed. This is the perfect place to ask such questions. Your absolutely correct that a lot of the people here are or have been dedicated to the old iron infested sites for many yrs. Well wow that is a really TUFF/BIG question. So many small and large factors that could affect ones opinion. Top factors for me id have to say would be detector and coil combo selection. Over the yrs I've tried a lot of different machines and coil combos to see what works best for me. Some machines that I would believe to be the best in the iron with a 5" coil for example, wouldn't necessarily be my same pick as my number 1 to use with say a 9" or 5x9 or mid sized coil. To me this is a major factor or game changer. So for example without naming brands my favorite machine in the iron with a 5" coil is an absolute fail in my opinion with the 5x9" coil cause for some strange reason loves to call every little piece of the rusted tin a dime or a quarter with zero tell tale signs of being junk lol. So for me I really have 2 for sure machines that I rely on to get the job done. Then a 3rd machine that does really well with all coils that is just plain old fun to swing and play around with. Those top 2 machines that I rotate back and forth between are both single selectable freq machines. I think the second biggest factor which very well could be even more important then the first factor is plain and simple learning your machine! When I say learning your machine im not talking about if you know how to use all the bells and whistles that a machine may offer. Im talking about learning what its telling in the iron, learning if your should or should not be using disc, or maybe your machine all ya have to do is change the tone breaks and run zero disc. Also what advantages will using a high gain or lower gain setting do. Not gonna lie I've spend hundreds of hours reading other members posts on how and why certain machines do this and that. Although I hate to admit it but one major advantage ive had over most is being a member of this forum for years and reading and listening to Monte. At the end of the day I think almost any of the machines now days that offer small to mid sized coils can go out there and find about 80% of the stuff. I would say about 10% give or take a little goes to user knowledge of your machine and what it can and cant do. Another 10% of finds will come from just certain machines being more capable in the iron then others. Those are the machines you can take to a hunted out site again and again and be successful. Heck that just all my opinion lots of people will disagree with those opinions. Thats just the tip of the coil on the subject of hunting in the iron. Feel like I left a lot out. Is the short version ha ha ha.

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Ghost Town success open question starting with Kickindirt

Utmike 280 August 25, 2021 09:59PM

Re: Ghost Town success open question starting with Kickindirt

NWCindy 156 August 26, 2021 10:09PM

Thanks Cindy

Utmike 123 August 27, 2021 01:08PM

Thank you for your expertise & comments.

Utmike 109 August 26, 2021 07:15PM

Re: Ghost Town success open question starting with Kickindirt

OregonGregg 121 August 26, 2021 12:29PM

Simple fact: Anyone, using anything, can find something good, any time.

Monte 170 August 26, 2021 06:50AM

Re: Ghost Town success open question starting with Kickindirt

Kickindirt 144 August 26, 2021 03:06AM

What zincoln said, and . . .

UtahRich 169 August 26, 2021 02:29AM

Re: What zincoln said, and . . .

jmaryt 93 August 26, 2021 07:15AM

Re: Ghost Town success open question starting with Kickindirt

zincoln 109 August 26, 2021 12:35AM

Re: Ghost Town success open question starting with Kickindirt

Kickindirt 90 August 26, 2021 03:08AM

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