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Thanks for your reply.

October 04, 2021 04:35PM avatar
The only detector that I run currently is the equinox 800. I really do not need any other machines at this point other than this one. It does everything I need and then some!

As for coils, I normally run the stock coil (I believe 11"), however for sidewalks and tear-outs I will run the 5" coil. The larger coil is a bit chattery, but does well in the iron. However the 5" coil really picks out the super small targets.

I only have one detector I keep a bigger 'standard' oil on and reserve it for wide-open places such as farm fields, rangeland, beaches, etc. Most of the time my hunting in in very littered places, and often those also have a lot of dense brush to deal with. When I had the Equinox 800 I didn't use the standard 11" DD coil for more than maybe 20-30 minutes. All he rest of my hu8nting, due to site conditions, was with their round 6" DD coil which I did like.

As for detector settings, I normally run in park 1 mode. I always run in all metal mode ( I like to hear the iron to work around it). Sensitivity scale on the equinox is 1-25, I normally run 22-25. I normally run on the multi-frequency option, however under the powerlines I tune it to 20KhZ. Seems to filter out that interference for the most part. As for recovery speed, I have that set to I believe 6 ( scale from 1-8). Although I have yet to see it make a major difference, I do believe it is important to have a bit higher recovery speed in these iron-infested sites.

My primary-use detector is the Garrett Apex with the 'Ripper' DD coil, and I also start-up in MF, but when EMI annoys me I opt for 10 kHz, 15 kHz or 20 kHz, selecting the one that takes care of the interference. Usually it is 15 kHz. I do wish they would make a smaller-size round coil or it, but the mid-size 5X8 DD is performing well for me. Small and medium-size coils have been handling the bulk of my hunting needs since '68 so I continue to let them.

Not a whole lot has been found by others, especially recently. I have found quite a bit of things here, and will have to upload a picture of the display I have from this site.

It is a somewhat close-by site for you to hunt, but it wasn't necessarily a high-use / high-production activity place. You hav been, and are, doing well to work it slowly and methodically as you know there are still a couple of keepers out there for you to find.


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Side walk coins, and field site. Attachments

Jadon_PDX 281 October 04, 2021 09:29AM

Some great finds there at your site.

UtahRich 75 October 11, 2021 05:11PM

Congrats on the nice finds. smiling smiley N/T

OregonGregg 117 October 06, 2021 06:42AM

Good Job Jadon!! N/T

Timbertodd 93 October 04, 2021 03:05PM

Congratulations, and I have two questions.

Monte 128 October 04, 2021 02:53PM

Re: Congratulations, and I have two questions.

Jadon_PDX 99 October 04, 2021 03:41PM

Thanks for your reply.

Monte 90 October 04, 2021 04:35PM

Congrats on the nice finds. Like that Merc. N/T

Elbert 102 October 04, 2021 09:56AM

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