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Tesoro Vaquero discrimination setting...

April 12, 2022 10:04AM

GB, don't be afraid to kick that discriminator way up. Vaquero shouldn't disc out a silver dime if you disc out a can. Those 8x9 coils though not incredible deep seekers can pick a dime at 9" or so depending on mineraliztion. That is still 9" or so more than any dd coil with iron in the area.

I've identified (in air, so maybe different in the ground) the discriminator knob location where USA 5-cent ('nickel') starts to be attenuated, as well as the similar position for Zincolns. I don't care to recover Zincolns but don't want to miss Indian Head Pennies and early (sometimes corroded) 95% copper Lincolns.

When doing a Nail Board Performance Test I've noticed that I need to go pretty high to quiet the nails. (It does seem to be a bit coil dependent.) For example, with one of my concentrics I set it at the 5c mark (12 O'Clock position). I wonder if it's the ED 180 circuitry that leads to this or if it's typical for other Tesoros with different electronics. Or maybe I'm doing something wrong....
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QUESTIONS: Search Coils for Relic Hunting (non-urban) applications??

Monte 491 April 09, 2022 08:51PM

Transmit and Receive windings sizes and shapes for Conentrics?

GB_Amateur 589 April 10, 2022 10:09AM

Internal Tx and Rx Windings / Concentric & Double-D / Performance Behavior.

Monte 329 April 11, 2022 06:42PM

Left-right assymetry of DD coil response

GB_Amateur 348 April 12, 2022 09:53AM

Audio responses occur for many different reasons.confused smiley

Monte 447 April 12, 2022 04:08PM

Re: Internal Tx and Rx Windings / Concentric & Double-D / Performance Behavior.

kac 633 April 11, 2022 09:43PM

Tesoro Vaquero discrimination setting...

GB_Amateur 240 April 12, 2022 10:04AM

Re: Tesoro Vaquero discrimination setting...

kac 504 April 12, 2022 01:19PM

Re: Tesoro Vaquero discrimination setting...Update

kac 257 April 12, 2022 02:18PM

Still learning Tesoro language...

GB_Amateur 368 April 13, 2022 09:25AM

Re: Still learning Tesoro language...

kac 385 April 13, 2022 10:15PM

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