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Re: Tesoro Vaquero discrimination setting...

April 12, 2022 01:19PM
I'll check against the Cibola.
The black edition came with 8x11 dd. Monty mentioned that changing coils the gb would be different. the 2 coils I had on the Tejon the gb is identical or so close I cant tell the difference which were the 10x12 widescan and stock 8x9 concentric.
Week or so ago I tried the 8x11 on the Cibola as it was and was a horrid machine. Had nickels breaking higher than tab mark. Next day tried the same 8x11 on the Tejon and same thing! I could barely break on an alum bottle cap.

I need to try the 8x9 concentric on the Cibola. I have the shrew on it now and re-gb the Cibola with the shrew and it is a pretty sweet machine. Nickels break on the lower line between nickel lines and not above tabs.

I got a pair of smart tweezers in and did a reading of the tesoro coils I had. I posted the results in the Tesoro section on the forum but have the Rx and Tx flip flopped. Read the pins and there is a definite difference on the 8x11 dd vs others. Impedance was way off.

I plan on making a 5x10 concentric for the Cibola and will tune for the 13.5khz that it comes in at.

It isn't the board that makes the machines disc way out unless the machine needs to be tuned which I doubt. I think there is a lot of variations in the coils themselves.

If the 5x10 works out well I can make you one if you like. Working out best way to make them.

Picked up a copy of "inside the metal detector" so now i'm getting dangerous smiling smiley
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