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Continuing my XP trend!!

April 27, 2022 02:29PM avatar
Made it out for a short hunt the other day. Started out using deus with the customized High Conductor program. I seem to be continuing the trend where I left off with the original deus1. Evertime take the deus2 out it seems to produce old coins. This time it was a bucket list coin for me. A 1917D quarter. My first standing quarter. I couldn't let the Xp have all the glory so I grabbed the Legend and 6" coil walked over to another trashy area and dug a 43 merc dime. The merc was only a few inches deep. For some reason didn't give a very good signal. Good enough to dig though. Doesn't surprise me though this area has a slight mix of alkaline dirt and was spiking the ground mineralization meter on the deus2.

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Continuing my XP trend!! Attachments

Kickindirt 426 April 27, 2022 02:29PM

Congrats on the SLQ. That is another one I'm still chasing. N/T

OregonGregg 277 April 28, 2022 01:31PM

Re: Continuing my XP trend!!

diggindeep 270 April 28, 2022 09:57AM

Re: Continuing my XP trend!!

DW-BGW 451 April 27, 2022 09:25PM

Very nice. N/T

kac 281 April 27, 2022 07:30PM

Re: Continuing my XP trend!!

Utmike 468 April 27, 2022 03:57PM

Re: Continuing my XP trend!! To Utmike

Kickindirt 281 April 27, 2022 04:11PM

Good info thanks!

Utmike 529 April 27, 2022 09:02PM

Re: Continuing my XP trend!!

Remfire 490 April 27, 2022 03:26PM

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