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Another NV adventure with Zincoln.

May 22, 2022 10:17AM avatar
This time around we headed way down into NV. Stayed at a place called Alamo Inn in Alamo. It was a fun trip as we got to see a bunch of new to us country. What we weren't expecting was 93-96 degree weather sad smiley but we suffered thru the heat.

We did manage some finds, but boy, was it slim pickings. But I guess if your only gonna find a few things, gotta make a couple of them good. The first couple of days I was only able to finally find a Chinese cash coin. It was looking bleak and I told Zincoln, if we only go home with a cash coin and that's all we have to post on AHRPS, we're going to be the laughing stock in the forums.

Well, that must have fired him up, as the next day he snagged a nice 1853 Seated Quarter with his XP machine and I managed an 1889 IH. I thought dang, It took a few days but the Zincoln nightmare was playing out once again. I was going to have to put up a post and explain that I got my butt kicked once again sad smiley

So we go out the next day and nothing for almost all the day. I was trying the fringe areas and decided to just go back to the trashy, iron/tin infested downtown area and just hunker down with the Core & oor coil and detect thru that stuff at a snail's pace and chased every iffy target. The detector Gods must have felt sorry for poor ol' OregonGregg around late afternoon, I chased another iffy ( for the 150th time) I figured there might be something. I got a squeak of the right audio that made me stop and check it. But I figured it would be a dud like so many other iffys. Imagine my shock when at about 3" I saw the edge of a coin, boy was I happy. Then I went into more shock as I realized it was a seated quarter. That was how masked that quarter was that until I dug it I didn't have a clue what may or may not come outta the hole.

Boy was I happy. It turned out to be an 1860s seated quarter. According to Zincoln it's kinda on the rare side.

We were both very happy with our seated finds so we figured we had enough of the heat ( plus we had to fight off one rattlesnake) we decided to head home.

Once home we decided if Sat. weather turned out decent we would give the local haunts a try.

So we ended up in Rippville ( was going to try Lonesome Arch area but it was raining hard so we diverted course to Rippville).

I should have known the detector Gods would not let me off easy and the trip would not have seemed right if I didn't get a good thrashing from Zincoln and a good thrashing I got on that last day.

When it was all done, I got an IH penny, Zincoln pulled a couple trade tokens, a V nickel and two IH pennies. But after quite a few trips with Zincoln I'm getting used to it........but that seated quarter sure looks good in the ol'binder smiling smiley We got back to the house Sat. eve and both were pretty exhausted and I completely forgot to get pictures of the finds that day.

All in all, it was another fun trip, got to see a lot of new to us country and got to add some more goodies to the binder.

Now I just gotta get rested up and be ready to go in June to the outing for another fun adventure smiling smiley

Fors CoRe & Relic
Racer & Racer 2
Whites MXT Pro & M6
open | download - 1853 & 1860.jpg (257.1 KB)
open | download - seated quarter.jpg (218.7 KB)
open | download - IH penny.jpg (211.9 KB)
open | download - cash coin.jpg (815.3 KB)
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Another NV adventure with Zincoln. Attachments

OregonGregg 566 May 22, 2022 10:17AM

Fantastic landscape, congrats on the silvers! N/T

kac 165 May 26, 2022 09:19PM

Re: Another NV adventure with Zincoln.

diggindeep 312 May 24, 2022 01:01PM

Re: Another NV adventure with Zincoln.

DW-BGW 244 May 23, 2022 06:04PM

Re: Another NV adventure with Zincoln.

Kickindirt 202 May 23, 2022 10:56AM

A NV adventure with zincoln

UtahRich 282 May 23, 2022 01:52AM

Re: Another NV adventure with Zincoln.

Utmike 253 May 22, 2022 08:57PM

Re: Another NV adventure with Zincoln.

Remfire 323 May 22, 2022 07:42PM

Re: Another NV adventure with Zincoln.

OregonGregg 269 May 22, 2022 07:55PM

Good story, nice finds; terrific photos.

Monte 199 May 22, 2022 12:07PM

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