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Del, all Outings can vary, but I am looking for a new site.

June 17, 2022 09:51PM avatar
Monte----If you ever come up with a "new" place for a WTHO (other than these sameo sameo "beat to death") places---Patsy & I--and probably others would attend.-----I haven't got any suggestions for hunt sites--but--I just know our sites up here around Baker (Lone Tree & Lonesome Arch are SUPER BEAT TO DEATH--and are overgrown with grass/weeds---and now those lousy ticks.----"Lost" is now closed to metal detecting due to mining claims/restrictions.-----It's a tough nut to crack---I hope someone can come up with some new/different hunt sites.----I started in this game 47 years ago now and it sure ain't like it used to be.----It remains the great hobby it's always been--just need (half way decent) detecting areas.----------Del-----

Del, I was trying to work up a fresh-to-us location for this Outong but getting permission fell through. Naturally I am looking for any suggestions from others, but most folks don't seem to have any worthy locations for a group to scatter to. Here we have had 4 to 6 places where groups could visit of a day and it wouldn't be over-crowded.

Still, good targets are here, but many are masked or partially masked and that makes it more difficult to find them. We had fewer attendees this time mainly due to the gas prices, however I do know the finds are getting tougher to make and a few of the 'regulars' took that into consideration as well.

I am open to considering ANY potential Outing locations in the USA, and if too far to the Central or Eastern states, that would just about eliminate most who have made the Outings so far.

As of right now I only have a few leads to check on places in Nevada, Utah, and possibly one in Oregon. I am also considering make an Outing longer, from weekend to weekend, but also suggestions for a shorter 3-Day Outing.

One other thing regarding this Outing, nobody went to Tacoma, and after the "Minelab Brothers" pulled 3-Barber Dimes, 3-Wheaties, a 'V' Nickle, an Indian Head and 18 K gold wedding band in one day, I don't think anyone else went to Metropolis.

As for me, I hope to get strength and mobility back later this year and I can assure you I will be returning to work these Hunt Sites.


PS: Late report, a Flying Eagle Cent was found late today at Toano. They are still not "worked out".

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The 14th WTHO is about half-way over.

Monte 416 June 17, 2022 12:20PM

OregonGregg got another early start this morning.

Monte 212 June 18, 2022 08:47AM

Re: The 14th WTHO is about half-way over.

D&P-OR 225 June 17, 2022 02:37PM

Del, just another old site reminder.

Monte 284 June 18, 2022 11:26AM

10 AM and another report of a fantastic find!

Monte 235 June 18, 2022 12:21PM

Del, all Outings can vary, but I am looking for a new site.

Monte 319 June 17, 2022 09:51PM

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