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Sodbuster, you asked about the Coiltek 5X10 on the Outing. .

July 18, 2022 09:02PM avatar
I do not have an Equinox 800 therefore not that coil, either. I didn't hear from anyone on the outing who used that coil, and we did have a very good representation of Minelab Equinox units in-use, to be sure.

Even though the side-to-side measurement is about 5", I do not consider those coil designs to be a smaller coil. To me, they are a mid-size coil, such as the 5X8 on a Vanquish or an AT Max or Apex, or 5X9½ on a CoRe or Relic or Simplex +, or a 5X10 on an F19 or 6X11 on an Apex. They might be narrow and in theory they might help a little with separation, but only if all targets are in a straight row as you sweep along them. When the amount of ferrous (iron) debris is so intense it is difficult to hunt it with a larger coil, that's were the front-to-real length of those coils defeat the purpose.

Naturally it will depend upon the particular ghost town, or the section / area of the townsite. If you hunt the 'fringe' area or the outer sections with limited to modest trash, then a mid-size coil like the Coiltek can often be used without much of a problem. But when you hunt the very tough, most iron-challenged sections of some old townsites, that's where a smaller-size coil is your best bet, and then working it slowly and methodically to cover all of the area possible.

In case you missed it in an earlier post, here is an example of how a very good Relic Hunting detector, the Fisher F-19, faces quite a challenge using the stock 5X10 DD coil, similar to the Coiltek coil. And remember, a good coil on a detector that doesn't perform well isn't much help. It takes a combination of coil and detector, with the best settings.


Of course, if you have that coil, bring it along and come join us in September on our 15th WTHO in Nevada.


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Sodbuster, you asked about the Coiltek 5X10 on the Outing. .

Monte 438 July 18, 2022 09:02PM

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