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I've met a couple of Well's 'locals' who detect.

September 04, 2022 01:02PM avatar
Proof that these old ghost towns still hold 'keepers' if you put in the time .... and you don't need a so-called modern SMF detector, either.

Jennifer's husband likes the unique finds more than coins, and he uses a White's model he bought a decade or so ago. She uses a Garrett AT Gold and so far this year she has found 5 'V' Nickels in Cobre, 3 from the 1800's. They live here and he's been detecting for quite a while and they like ghost towns. Because they still produce.

Another gal doesn't hunt as often but looks for other types of sites, especially those without snakes. She has a White's Claesic, if I understood her description. A ghost town is okay if it isn't too brushy because a more open site is less likely to hide snakes. Dense sagebrush, such as in Metropolis, are towns she doesn't hunt.

I have met a few folks who also detect at a casino or store and they, as well as the others here at the motel, are quite satisfied with the detectors they used and results they get from performance. Not one has expressed an interest in a multi-frequency models because they are satisfied with what they use.

The more interesting thing I learned from talking with them is that none of them go to Forums or sites on the internet or other social media like Facebook. None of them.

But all of them enjoy detecting, and a good half of them you could describe as very active. Some do have two or three detectors but most rely on only one or two brands. Some have Tesoro's and a couple a White's. The two most favored brands are Fisher and then Garrett, and none so far have a Minelab or XP brand.

Most are from Wells or the outlying local region, and others have been traveller's. Makes me wish I was travelling and able to detect a lot of places that would be new to me. Always going to be good stuff to grind, even at these old townsites that have been hunted for decades. Just need to work them patiently.


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I'm in Motel 6, Wells Nevada, Room 104.

Monte 265 September 02, 2022 04:54PM

PS Outing goers.

Monte 207 September 04, 2022 01:08PM

I've met a couple of Well's 'locals' who detect.

Monte 200 September 04, 2022 01:02PM

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