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Ken, a couple of questions for you.

December 08, 2022 06:24AM avatar
I kind of wish the audio and iron audio on the Apex was like the AT Pro. AT Pro Iron audio is vco and very handy to tell size of iron. That along with the wide iron range gamut still makes it a good relic machine despite what people think.

I tend to keep iron audio on 1 on the apex and regular volume on 8 so I have a heads up on whats below. I also disc just above 40 when coin/relic hunting but if in a park I'll have iron audio off and disc much lower. Coin Jewelry here I am shallow hunting in parks so no real need to hear the iron at all.

Some the places I hunt have negative hot rocks and those areas I like the Tejon and can check with pin point or will use my Gold Racer or Multi Kruzer in Gen Mode so I can hear the bouncy signals (reverse roll). Machines that don't have an all metal the negative hot rocks can sound like a valid target and you can easily dig holes around the rock.


When discussing models from Garrett it can be confusing when addressing the Iron target responses and the particular detector settings. I quoted your post above and highlighted the areas in blue that can leave some readers, maybe even me, a bit confused.

Typically we refer to a Low-Tone for Iron-based targets, and some Garrett models feature two adjustments or settings that deal with Irion:

Iron Audio Volume for the selected Low-Tone Iron Range.

Iron Audio which is a selection that gives a distinctive Iron Audio response.

Quite often someone speaks about Iron Audio but it isn't clear if they are referring to the selected Iron Audio 'function' or to Iron Audio 'Volume'. It can be a little confusing if you do not clarify Iron Audio 'Volume' from the ssel3ct6ed function. The Iron Audio 'function' is a confusing and sometimes wrong-choice setting and really is best used as a momentary feature to check a suspicious located target.

And if using a high Discriminate setting, such as a VDI of '40' or higher, the Iron Range is already rejected so there would be no audio response from Iron unless possibly someone has selected the Iron Audio 'function'. Also, no need to reduce an Iron Audio Volume tro '0' or Off because there isn't an Iron target responses accepted.

So, just to clear up any confusion someone might have it is good to clarify Iron Audio 'function' and Iron Audio 'Volume'. As for your preference to have a VCO audio from an Iron-based target, while a VCO Audio n be helpful in determining size and shape4 and depth in some conditions, I find a Low-Tone Audio Volume adjustment to be as helpful or more when it comes to a ferrous target. My Fisher F-19 Ltd, and Makro Racer have a Low-Tone for Iron-based targets relative to their Disc. setting but do jot have a VCO response in their 2-Tone mode. They do have a VCO Audio for coins and other targets that are accepted above the Disc. setting. The difference is that the F-19 Ltd. has an Iron Range Volume adjustment but the 'original' Racer does not have an Iron Range Volume control.

There are some models that feature an Iron Audio lower-tone, but it is based on the Discriminate setting and can shift a lot of non-ferrous targets into a Low-Tone range referred to as Iron (ferrous) while most targets aren't, but that's another topic.

Thank You for your post and I understand you approach to using Discrimination for Coin Hunting applications, just curious about your reference to Iron Audio, be it the 'function' or 'volume' you are referring to. If you want anything edited, just send me a PM or e-mail and I will take care of it in the above post.


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Sounded like a trime.... Attachments

kac 215 December 04, 2022 10:00PM

Re: Sounded like a trime....

Kickindirt 61 December 07, 2022 12:49PM

Re: Sounded like a trime....

Utmike 66 December 07, 2022 12:50AM

Nice transit token. Neat find. N/T

OregonGregg 50 December 06, 2022 10:24AM

Cool Token kac! N/T

Timbertodd 50 December 05, 2022 09:13PM

Interesting looking transit token.

Monte 67 December 05, 2022 12:19AM

Re: Interesting looking transit token.

kac 66 December 05, 2022 03:22PM

I don't mind little iron, but quiet.

Monte 53 December 06, 2022 07:38PM

Re: I don't mind little iron, but quiet.

kac 57 December 07, 2022 11:24PM

Ken, a couple of questions for you.

Monte 82 December 08, 2022 06:24AM

Re: Ken, a couple of questions for you.

kac 46 December 11, 2022 12:40PM

I agree, 'counter-productive' can ..

Monte 44 December 11, 2022 03:51PM

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