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'Basics' is all most folks really need. OregonGregg has it right.

December 16, 2022 02:27PM avatar
I have been busy running some battery tests with the Minelab vanquish 540 Pro Pack. This model tends to eat through 4 AA Alkaline batteries faster than other models that also use 4-AA's, and a few of us (two other V-540 users an I) decided to figure out which batteries might be best for the Vanquish series. Note here that ANY battery testing or comments really ought to have a particular make and model detector mentioned as well because all detectors have their own battery strengths and weaknesses based on circuitry design.

Well, it is winter and being stuck inside due to frigid weather and snow-covered ground, I was rummaging though some totes and came across several batches of AA batteries that made the move here with me. I let someone borrow my battery tester so to check them out I just grabbed a detector to put them in, check the battery status the detector shows, and do some in-door 'testing' with an assortment of coins and both silver and golds jewelry pieces. i have three detectors that operate on 4-AA battery power so I grabbed my 'original' Racer to do some quick battery charge, battery condition, and target sampling in various modes, Discrimination, and Sensitivity levels.

I mentioned OregonGregg because he has tried some of the 'newer' detector models, and has done some side-by-side comparison with others who have some newer models when hunting high-trash ghost towns. Although he still has or had a White's MXT series model and M6, they are mainly decorative additions to his home. He relies on a Nokta FORS CoRe and sometimes the FORS Relic, and both the Makro Racer (the original 'red' colored unit) and the Racer 2.

Yes, he has tried some newer models or compared them, and has talked with others or read about some of the new model reports, but he owns and uses a set of detectors and search coils that perform quite well in the challenging environments he hunts. I have a few other detectors, but I also have my favorite Nokta FORS Relic and a favorite Makro Racer (that I got in a deal with OregonGregg) because they work, and work quite well, especially for tough Iron-infested old sites. thumbs up

And what detecting I have done in the most recent 3-4 years was with other models from several makers other than the 'original' Racer. It lacks a few things I like about its replacement, the Racer 2, but for my needs and where I hunted, that 'original' Racer was all most people really needed in simplicity, ease of adjustment, and definitely performance afield.

As most readers now I tend to keep only one preferred search coil mounted on each model I use because the detector / coil combination 'fits' the conditions of where I am searching. With my 'original' Racer I contacted Gerry at Gerry's Detectors in Boise Idaho and bought a brand new 'OOR' coil from him, That is the slightly Out-Of-Round 4.7X5.2 DD from Makro. A great set-up for both urban and remote densely-littered sites. And while very good in amongst close, masking trash, the combination can get surprising depth-of-detection when hunting a more open area.

It turns on in 2-Tone mode, which I like for dense Iron Nail contaminated sites, but one press of the 'right' arrow puts you in the 3-Tone mode which I use at other times. It also turns on with a Sensitivity of '70' which is ample for most people, but one press of the 'down' arrow puts me in the Gain setting and I can quickly increase it to max, which I prefer, or just to the fringe of EMI if that's an issue. Then it's time to start hunting.

Unfortunately, the CoRe, Relic, Racer and even the Racer 2 had short lives as Nokta and Makro made quick moves to new detector models. Quite sad, in my opinion, and I agree with OregonGregg in wishing they would just bring out a replacement for the Racer series that was bug-free. Give users a good land-based detector that uses replaceable AA batteries. Alkaline or NiMH rechargeable, but not an enclosed Lithium, or be a waterproof, submersible design. Just a good, well-built, and simpler model.

I have always preached 'simple' and 'functional' in a detector with 'performance' and have tried some higher-end models. Some are good, some not so good. But when it coms down to 'basics', I only have OregonGregg and three other hunting friends who have selected some decent, 'basic' detectors that fit their needs, and I complement them on their approach to success. I sit here in my den and look at my eight detectors on the wall and only one of them offers a lot of adjustment changes, and that is the White's XLT .... but I never use a lot of changes. With it, most of the factory default settings are okay, and I just made a few to my 'Bushwhack' program and it is saved so when I turn the XLT 'On' and pull the trigger before it goes through the start-up, I have restored my saved 'Bushwhack' program and I can start hunting.

I am sure a lot of people do the same with their Deus, Deus II, Equinox or Manticore, just as we have done with our Fisher F-19', F-75's, Nokta CoRe and Relic, Makro Racer and Racer 2, or any of the newer models from all the modern detector models. Starting up in desired settings, or making one or two quick adjustments, is really on we need to enjoy a good detector and out detecting experie3nce.

'Thank You', Gregg, for the deal we made so I good get a nice original Racer back in my outfit. thumbs up It works terrific now, just like it did when I started evaluating this ordinal back in February of '15 out in Rippville and elsewhere. Darn that was almost eight years ago! It still amaz4es people who never had one, heard of it, and now see how well it performs in some urban renovation and tear-down sites. I only let close friends borrow it because I want to make sure it doesn't disappear. I'm sure Gregg's detector outfit is just waiting for his work to easy up and winter to go away so he can take them out to play again.


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'Basics' is all most folks really need. OregonGregg has it right.

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