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Another 2½ hours of hot afternoon fun.

August 29, 2017 06:43AM avatar
Okay, not the hot part. The day started out just fine, but by the time we met up at 3:40 PM the clouds parted, the sun baked, and the breeze vanished. The main reason I like that older site is because there are enough scattered trees it is possible to find some shade to hunt in for at least a little comfort.

Met up with Monte at the ol'park we went to on the 4th day of the last WTHO outing. This time around I used the good ol' Fors CoRe machine with the new 5 x9.5" open frame coil. As it turns out, it is a very nice coil and offers great separation.

Pic #1 My new coil for the Fors CoRe
Having the first of the 5X9½ DD coils from Nokta on my Impact I was quite satisfied with it and knew Gregg would like it. My personal preference is to own and use coils made by the detector manufacturer, and this new open-frame design is lighter and better balanced than most of the after-market competitor's coils. I plan to get one for my 15 kHz FORS CoRe as well, and another for my 19 kHz FORS Relic. A very well-built coil.

Pic # 2 I found Monte's little belt buckle that he lost years ago when he was "Little Monte"
One glimpse and I wondered if it was a 'TM' stamped buckle, and sure enough Gregg got a nice Tom Mix trophy for his time spent afield. We have pulled wheat-backs out of this old site that is now a county park, a couple of Buffalo Nickels and several silver Mercury dimes. My favorite finds this year include a 'Good Luck' token from a long-gone Nyssa, Oregon Buick and GMC Truck dealer, silver Mercury Dimes and Standing Liberty Quarter, and I have seen some old Oregon License Plate tags found there in June, but that Tom Mix belt buckle is, by far, the best find I have seen come out of that old CCC encampment site.

Here's a link to a video history of Tom Mix.

video history of Tom Mix

Pic # 3 Found this item dated 1949..........something else happened in 1949....trying to recall, can't quite put my thumb on it ??
I guess I am officially a '49er' although I came along at the centennial celebration of that California gold rush period. At least I can enjoy sounding old when I tell folks: "I was born in the first half of the last century." I'm feeling a little wrinkled and banged up, just like your new-to-you license plate. I wonder if I could be 'restored' a bit like that outfit does with license plates? thinking

Pic # 4 & 5 Well I went and broke the Nickel & Copper Rule....she's ugly......but she is silver. Snagged a Merc dime that appears to have went thru several fires. It's in the rock tumbler as I type this. Hopefully will clean up enough to get a date.
Several parts of this old site do have signs of fire residue from long-ago days. That might have been what happened to your dime. The good news, for you at least, is that it is now YOUR dime and no longer a long-lost specimen in that sea of dirt, weeds and debris.

Pic # 6 A find that Monte made with the Impact and New 7" Concentric Coil. I forgot to ask what frequency he had the machine in to find this item.
It was staring at me when I went after a nearby target. Not sure what 'freakwuncy' I was using to find that one. confused smiley

Make a quick edit here....I was actually lucky to get the dime. I showed Monte where I found it and LOL as it turns out we were there a few days ago and it was HOT. So Monte and I stayed within the shadows that the trees cast. As it turns out he was hunting that area and came within a few feet....but lucky ( or unlucky depending on who ya talk to) the coin that day was a few feet out in the sun and not in the shadows. Otherwise, he prob. would have easily found it.

Quick Edit #2
Pic # 7 Took dime out and its starting to clean up. The date is 1924.
There's still hope for that dime that I think might take a 'pre-treatment' soak before tumbling and a wee bit of brass brush work.

Nice results or first trip afield with that new 5X9½ DD on the excellent Nokta CoRe. thumbs up An old silver dime and a memorable keepsake from the same era as the Merc. Dime with that nice Tom Mix buckle. Best find I have seen come out of there in two years.


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*** All working well today to make memories for tomorrow. ***

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Afternoon hunt with Monte. Attachments

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Another 2½ hours of hot afternoon fun.

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She cleaned up.. Attachments

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