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"I live for that rusty flat tin ..... and bring on the nails! "

October 18, 2017 08:47AM avatar
Brian, I have been singing that praise for over 34 years now since we first got decent Relic Hunting detectors in our hands (referring to favorite Tesoro's since the Inca in mid-'83). To be honest, during these past three decades there have been a few okay detectors for working those old rusty, nail infested ghost towns, homestead, logging and mining camps, pioneer and military encampment sites, etc.

Trust me, I have tried most and have owned many of them, but in 1/15 the Nokta FORS CoRe changed things up wonderfully. It was soon followed by the original Racer, and then the Racer 2, Relic and Impact all combine to provide serious, Avid Detectorists with some of the best working detectors and factory supplied search coils to tackle just about any challenge we might encounter.

Thanks Monte, I'll be sure to post more often.
Please do. Your posts can be informative, interesting and educational for many followers. thumbs up

You know I live for that rusty flat tin that infests about every western ghost town and stage site we detect, and bring on the nails!
The more the merrier. Okay, maybe at times a bit exhausting after a day-long search, but there are some positives to it, to be sure.

That's why we do so well with the Makros and Noktas in these environments, but we have a site that is so infested with sagebrush, that we can (currently) only detect approximately 5-10% of it.

We have a solution at hand, nothing as high tech as a laser, but it requires a good amount of manual labor before each hunt. We tested it on our last jaunt there, and it allowed us to recover three coins (two seated quarters and one barber dime), that were previously inaccessible.
Indeed the Nokta and Makro models, with their nice assortment of smaller-size and efficient search coils, make hunting in dense iron enjoyable. I, too, have chanced upon many old-use sites that have very dense sagebrush and that makes access a challenge. been fortunate a time or two when some dry summer thunderstorms have helped out by burning them clean, but fires always seem to happen somewhere other than where I need and want them. sad smiley

I'm amazed you guys are pulling large cents and IIRC a bust coin from there, but that's the kind of place I enjoy detecting thumbs up Hopefully I can make one of the WTHO trips in 2018, sure enjoyed the one I went on, it was great meeting everyone, the history, the scenery and hunting these old sites with everyone was great fun and some good finds were made.
Yes, 'Lone Tree' gave up an 1836 Capped Bust Dime and two Seated Liberty Dimes, 1863 and 1865, on our WTHO in June as well as other keepers. In April, before the Outing, I got my 1853 Large Cent ,and after the Outing Gregg got his 185? Large Cent and Shield Nickel.

I am headed out to an unknown direction today for some Elk Hunting scouting as that starts on the 25th, but I might alter that route and head to one of the old gold mining townsites which are in the hunting zone and maybe get some detecting time in ... if it warms up at that elevation. It was 32° and foggy here at home this morning so that will delay the benefits of any sunshine for a while.

I do hope you can make one or more WTHO's next year, and maybe you can get David G.. and Tom of CA to make it also? David has made a couple of them into Nevada so far, and Tom might enjoy them and meeting some great people who participate.

I need to retire, more detecting time, more forum time smiling smiley

That's a great idea ... if you can retire before age and health issues cut in on your mobility and fun time. I remember when I was younger and possessed the skills of mobility and flexibility and seemed to have mastered the art of unending endurance when I could search from daybreak 'til dusk, then continue on hunting by flashlight on warm to hot summer nights with just one or two short breaks for grub and refreshing water or soda.

Then, due to health related issues, an on-the-job injury at Compass in September of '87 complicating things, I was disabled and required a cane for mobility two months before I turned 44. Disabled and using a cane and sometimes a walker, I still tried to work but finally an on-the-job injury in June of 2010 complicated the matter and I was 'retired' by the time I was 61. I sure don't get around nearly as much, or for as long, or without pain and frustrations, like I did when I was younger and healthier. I hope you can be in the best of health possible by the time you retire, and I also hope you have an opportunity to retire at a younger age than most folks do. I'll watch for your name attached to some big lottery winner newsflash. eye popping smiley


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Gold Ring from Desert Mining Town Restored

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Hey stranger, glad you popped in!

Monte 308 October 16, 2017 03:47PM

Re: Hey stranger, glad you popped in!

Cal_Cobra 252 October 16, 2017 04:15PM

"I live for that rusty flat tin ..... and bring on the nails! "

Monte 457 October 18, 2017 08:47AM

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