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Another brief hunt at a double lot w/demolished house.

March 07, 2018 04:30AM avatar
On February 3rd I reported my First Hunt Here at this site where they were demolishing a brick home that's been vacant for over a decade. It's a large corner double lot that is very littered. This was not a well kept property, and about 8 to 12 years ago they demolished another dwelling that was run down that sat on the adjacent lot to the house they have been working on this past month.

I initially reported my hunt at this site under the Traditional Coin Hunting Forum because, as it was, the house was being demolished and I was intentionally 'yard hunting' for coins, but this place was not maintained for a long time and had become more cluttered. There was no grass, just a lot of weeds and unkempt conditions. It is in an area of town where there could have been some business in the past that added to the debris, a lot of which is iron.

On that first search I found three coins, a Wheat-Back, a Wheat-Back and a silver Roosevelt Dime, then I repositioned my vehicle and moved out of the way of the guy with the tractor, then grabbed a different detector. The first three coins I then found were a Wheat-Back, Silver Roosevelt dime and another Wheat-Back cent. At that point I felt I was on to a very rewarding close-to-home site, with my first six coins comprised of 4 Wheat-Backs and 2 Silvers. But it wasn't to be.

With all the above average weather we had for a lot of last month I put in some frequent visits to that lot, using several different detectors, two mainly for evaluation purposes at that unmaintained area and found quite a few coins. Not many clad coins, and only two or three nickels, but a lot of pennies. Too many modern Memorial cents but at least 30 of February's Wheat-Back count. That would be good, too, if there were some older coins in that mix, but every Wheat-Back I found dated in the 1940's and 50s. Nothing fro '09 thru '39.

The oldest cash value find I made there last month was the Orchard Saloon Trade Token that is Good For 12½¢ .. One Bit .. and only those two first-hunt silver dimes, both Roosevelt. I injured my left shoulder last Friday which added a challenge but I invited Oregon Gregg over to try out his luck on the lot on Monday.

I could only manage a little over an hour before pain meds wore off, and went 45 minutes without a single coin, then snagged two pennies ... both Memorials. sad smiley Gregg popped five pennies, if I recall, but only one of them was a Wheat-Back. He did notice that this area, what was supposed to be former yards for the two homes, had a lot of trash. Probably more than he expected.

Yesterday sure felt nice, or looked nice, with clear sunny skies, even though we started with a 19° morning low. But the looks fooled you as it got quite breezy and nippy before noon. I finished a visit with my son down at his store and when he closed up I dropped him off at the repair shop to pick up his vehicle. I was then two blocks from that lot, the winds had calmed, and I had maybe 20-30 minutes before dinner, so .......

I just made a brief stop, grabbed my Racer 2 w/7" Concentric coil, used the 3-Tone mode with my saved start-up of Gain '99', Disc. '03' and Iron Audio Volume of '02.' I stayed within 20-30 feet of my vehicle and hunted for maybe 15 minutes digging only 'fool you' trash that mimicked coin-type signals. Then another penny/dime TID and I scuffed out a 70-something Memorial cent. Another hit 14" away was a '52 Silver Roosevelt, then as I worked back toward my vehicle came a '56 then '46 Wheat-Back cents.

Hopefully I can recover a few more older dated coins before they sell this off, but as we get into spring I need to find a few more old lots or renovation sites to have a few close-to-home places for times when I have limited opportunity to get away for a hunt. But yesterday was March 6th and that only inched me up to my 3rd silver coin for the year. Way below were I wouild like to be so I'm hoping spring will arrive and I can luck upon a few more rewarding sites to hunt. Until then I think I'll work the lot with the 'OOR' equipped CoRe, and 5" coils on a Relic and Multi-Kruzer to better deal with the more heavily littered areas that might be masking some better coins.

I hope each of you have a site or two close-at-hand where you can get in at least a few brief-periods of hunting until favorable weather arrives full-time where you live.


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Another brief hunt at a double lot w/demolished house.

Monte 595 March 07, 2018 04:30AM

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