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It looks like your first outing was pretty good. thumbs up

March 18, 2018 06:18AM avatar
It's always good to take a brand new detector out and make an interesting find while learning the detector's features and capabilities. I think you will enjoy it more in the future when you know it better and also after they get the accessory coils on the market. I know I prefer any one of three smaller-size coils for 98+% of my detecting with the Multi-Kruzer, just as I do with my Impact, Relic, CoRe and Racer 2. I use smaller-than-stock coils on my MX-7's, Vaquero and XLT as well.

Actually, the physical design of the Relic and CoRe make it more comfortable for me to hunt longer periods with a standard 7X11 DD coil, and the Racer 2 and Multi-Kruzer are the more uncomfortable or fatiguing for me. But then, that's me and I have my health challenges to deal with, but even OregonGregg notes the difference with that size, or larger, search coil.

Some folks like the elliptical DD design and I found the 5X9½ DD open-frame coil to work well on the Kruzer. Today I have the 5" DD coil mounted to my Multi-Kruzer because when the weather improves I plan to work a very densely littered site and that coil is the best for that task. My favorite day-to-day, general-purpose search coil for my waterproof detector will be the 7" Concentric coil. This is also a light weight, open-frame design.

Once the coils are released for the Kruzer/Multi-Kruzer I plan to get the 7" Concentric and 5" DD to have a very versatile outfit for the types of hunting I mainly do and the site challenges I typically encounter. They will have the regular-length coil cables to fit properly. While evaluating the Multi-Kruzer I have been using the short-length cabled coils for my Nokta Impact which has the 7" Concentric mounted now as my regular-use set-up. The Impact's 5" DD I have attached to the Multi-Kruzer and it is working splendidly in nasty trashed sites.

Which search mode were you using?

I had disc set at 20 gain at 90..
A Gain setting of '90' sounds healthy and all of my saved programs for each mode have a start-up Gain level of '90' or '95' and 3-Tone is '99.' I prefer to start high an then reduce the gain if there is an obvious need to.

But I never run the Discrimination that high on any of my detectors. None of them, but again, that's just me because I prefer to deal with good-target masking, plus I like to find things like thin gold chains, small gold rings, etc. The Kruzer has a Ferrous/Non-Ferrous break point of '15' which will then be rejecting almost all iron. A Disc. setting of '20' gets into the very low-end non-ferrous range that can include thin foils, thin gold chains, gold ear studs and even some dinky gold rings and even $1 gold coins.

It also means that with a very bold rejection of common iron trash ... aka NAILS ... it can make it more difficult to unmask a keeper that is in close relationship with some hunk of iron trash. Most nails will be accepted and audibly respond with a Disc. setting of '03' on the Kruzer, and just barely be rejected with a Disc. setting of '05' which it the higher Discrimination level that I use.

Of course if you are Coin & Jewelry Hunting an old school or similar site, you might not be dealing with very many target-masking issues, but get out in some of the old railroad or gold mining ghost town sites that abound in discarded junk, plentiful nails and more rusty tin that anyone cares for, and it's best to keep the Disc. set very low, at '03' or '05' to have a greater chance of finding a keeper close to and in amongst all that clutter.

With a setting of '20' where you are rejecting more than just iron, you won't be able to hear if there are any trash targets in the area you are searching. I like to hear the trash, but use a low Ferrous Volume setting to keep the loudness down, and that way I can listen for a hint of a good signal from a partially masked target.

I am sure that you'll practice getting to know some of the new-to-you features found on the Kruzer as you spend more time learning it. I'm glad to hear you like it, and I can assure you it has a lot of in-the-field performance potential. I hope Kruzer series accessory coils are out in time for our 7th WTHO which is just five weeks from this coming Thursday. I just hope that having more waterproof detectors in attendance doesn't mean we have to have rain in the forecast. I don't like rain.


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It looks like your first outing was pretty good. thumbs up

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Re: It looks like your first outing was pretty good. thumbs up

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