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Search coil choices and snaggy dense brush.

July 05, 2018 09:57AM avatar
I forgot you had the 7" Concentric or that would have been my guess. I keep the open-frame 7" Concentric mounted full-time on my Racer 2 and go to a smaller coil only when I get in very dense iron debris ... and if I don't have another detector already good-to-go with a smaller coil. I keep the 'OOR' DD mounted on my main-use CoRe and the 5" DD attached to my Relic, and a 6½" Concentric on my MX-7 so those models get the call most of the time and the Racer 2 takes a break. All three of these search coils are solid design which eliminates the possibility of snaggy hang-ups when working in stubble or short, stiff dense weedy environments.

By the time I was a half mile from the truck I wished I'd made a different coil choice!
Old, yes, but my think-tank still works and I can remember those good old days when I was that mobile ... prior to 1991. I used to be able to make that stroll back when away from my vehicle so I could take a lunch break or change batteries or search coils, when needed. But I usually carried a change of batteries when I planned on being farther away, and I used to take a small snack item to get me by. Also, when I knew I might need a smaller-size search coil, I was ready for that as well.

I keep all my search coils on spare lower rods, and my accessory gear has been on a 'service' belt or 'duty' belt. They used to be the leather type law enforcement duty belts but I quickly changed over to the nylon service belts. In today's nutty naming of so many things they likely call them a 'tactical' belt. Anyway, that holds the finds pouch, pinpointer, digging tool, and when I was going to be a healthy walk away from my rig, I snapped on a plastic ring used for flashlights or nightsticks (those seem like an ancient tool these days) and positioned it behind the finds pouch and digger on my left side.

I'd just drop the spare rod w/coil in that ring and have my extra smaller coil along with me. I'd use a skinny cloth bag I put over the rod to keep the coil cable from dangling or snagging, and it only took too or three times when it's use came in handy for me to like that approach.

Just a thought about how I used to tackle the "be prepared" part of heading off on a foot journey.


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Remfire 379 July 04, 2018 03:47PM

Re: Watch this!

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At least you got out somewhere.

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Re: At least you got out somewhere.

Remfire 168 July 05, 2018 07:35AM

Search coil choices and snaggy dense brush.

Monte 157 July 05, 2018 09:57AM

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