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Re: Cleaning & detectors

August 23, 2018 12:01PM
I took two detectors with me, but ended up only using the Equinox 800 with the stock 11" coil. I took along the 6" coil but didn't use it since targets were not close together and the iron in the ground appears to be only small nail sized bits and pieces and didn't affect my ablilty to hunt as far as I could tell. I have the threshold volume set so that I can hear the iron null as I am hunting. The Fisher f75 with the 5" coil stayed in the car, at least this time. I ran the 800 in park 1, 5 tone, sens at 20, iron bias at 0, nothing notched out.

The indian had a hard crust on it and I did not try to rub it at all till I got home. I put it in a dish of tap water (ph about 7.5) and let it set for awhile. I probably should have been more patient, but wanted to see the date, so I took a toothpick and started at the edge to try and knock off the surface material. I started around the rim and the date. The material on the surface chipped off like small pieces of paint. When the material on the coin did not loosen, I put the coin back into the water and left it soften more. It took a few hours of soaking to get the major part of the crust off. After it was removed the color of the cent was verdigris green. I rubbed the surfaces with a very soft toothbrush to continue the cleaning process, and put the coin back into the water. The Indian is still in the water soaking, and I brush it several times a day. The green is slowly coming off and leaving a dark brown surface. I may change the solution from plain water, and add a bit of dawn dishsoap and some borax if the water alone does not remove the remaining material from the fine details, but I don't want to remove the patina, so no acidic additives will be used.

This coin was removed from sandy soil that was probably wet most of the time. When found, the Indian was about 7-8 inches down and about 3-4 feet from the edge of the water. I thought it would be a zincoln, not expecting to see "One Cent" in vague outline as I looked at the crusty recovery.

I will be going back to the camp to hunt, and hope to find more surprises. Next time I will be doing some water hunting. I was told that in the 19th c. a steamboat used to bring visitors to the camp, and I have that old docking area located.smiling smiley
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Nice report, and I have always admired the Indian Head Cent.

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Re: Cleaning & detectors

Sodbuster 228 August 23, 2018 12:01PM

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