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My impression of some 'accessory' itmes like these coil cable 'sleeves.'

April 03, 2020 05:13AM avatar
Another interesting accessory option that might serve a purpose for some folks, but ....

Some detector brands or aftermarket coils from some makers, have used very thin coil cables in the past and, sometimes although very seldom, someone had damaged a thin cable working it in dense and sharp brush, thorns, or in and around building rubble when they get too close to sharp obstacles. I know it has happened to some people but it depends on the coil cable thickness and quality, and especially how the detector is handled / treated. In 55 years it's never happened to me, but I pamper my gear.

There are other 'accessories' that are more in the 'functional' category, such as search coil covers. I never used to use them and most manufacturers didn't provide them as they were an 'accessory' option, and most of the time used by beach hunted. Search coils were made of a durable plastic material, and search coils should be worked give-or-take 2" off the ground, not scrubbed on the ground. Tesoro, for example, used to make about 50% the number of coil covers (aka skid-plates, scuff-plates, etc.) as they did search coils because they were only an optional or accessory item.

Then about 20-21 years ago they started making their 8X9 search coils that had the epoxy-filled bottom. If done properly the coil wire windings were fully encapsulated and didn't have any water intrusion, so it was an 'OK' design. But the appearance of the epoxy on the bottom looked great, until the search coils was used afield and it got dirty or scuffed up a little and that made them ugly. So with the exposed epoxy they started using coil covers to hide the appearance, and that period brought about a change in people's thinking and it seemed like everyone started wanting a coil cover on every search coil. Tesoro started to then more than double-up because they made as many coil covers as they did coils, plus extra for dealers who wanted to have some spares on-hand for sale.

Many earlier, or even some current, coil covers are of a thicker material and while the weight of some coil covers doesn't seem significant when held in your hand, it is noticeable when on the coil way out on the end of the rod. if you wonder bout that statement, go detecting for maybe 20 minutes wih the coil cover on, then pause after 20 minutes and remove the coil cover and continue searching. It just might surprise you how that added small amount of weight can be felt.

Today, my detector outfit includes my 'loaner-unit' Fisher F44 and I keep a 7" Concentric mounted full-time, and it doesn't have a coil cover. But I typically work a coil 1" to 1½" or maybe even 2" off -the-ground, so there're no wear-and-tear issues. All my other detectors, including 5 Nokta / Makro devices, 2 Minelab's, 2 Tesoro's and an XP all have a coil cover in-lace. But that's because the coil covers came with the coil from the manufacturer, and I don't mind them because they are all very thin-designed and that keeps them very light weight.

Another functional 'accessory' I like to use on some models are the weather protectors or environmental covers, and I have them for my control housing/display on my CoRe's, Relic, Impact, V-540's and ORX, but not for my Simplex + or my two non-display units, a Bandido II µMAX and Silver Sabre µMAX.

Then there are the other 'accessory' items that don't serve a real good purpose or are more of a 'fashion statement.' I'm referring to the thick furry padding some use in an arm cup. Or the for those who like to ear camouflage boots, pants, shit, jacket or coat and hat when they go metal detecting, or fishing for that matter as if they are trying to hide themselves from the fish or buried targets. So they purchase the camo tape and wrap their rods and coil cables and arm cup. Some I have seen wrap their search coils, or paint them so they don't stand out in the brushy environment.

I guess for some the snake sleeves can be attractive, protect the coil cable, and even make their detector 'stand out' from normal. Much the way some of us have custom powder-coated rod sets. smiling smiley But while interesting, and maybe appealing to some people, they could have simply used a plain black or other solid color and promoted them simply for cable protection. The name can bother some people.

In the course of dealing withy metal detector sand consumers for a long, long time, I know people ho would not buy a Tesoro gold hunting detectors, because they have the name Demon or Diablo and they wouldn't own or use anything associated with the Devil. A Tesoro-copied Gold Mountain Technology 'King Cobra' was not a detector of interest to a lot of people, especially females, because it was a 'snake' word and the decal on the search coil was a snake. The same it was with the versatile 'Cobra' until they changed the name to GMT-1650. Now, that sounded harmless.

I took a look at them and the all Hunter Orange sleeve and others sure didn't resemble a 'snake' but the darker red-hued sleeve did look like some snakes in other parts of the country, sort of, and I'm sure there are some folks who just don't like snake-like appearances .... or snakes.

So, while an interesting concept and I know it will get the attention of some people, I don't see them as being a major interest marketable product. Just opinions.


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