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Re: A little more Clarity

August 31, 2020 12:47PM avatar

He tell me story behind. I have no reason to not believe him.
In short: they hacked F75 platform. I can say, with reason.

I always thought it was the T2 that they used as their "template", well either way they greatly improved upon it. What I fail to see on Nokta/Makro's part is why the heck didn't they also use the erogonomics of those machines as a "template". Seems most their machines are not the most erogonomically friendly. Today I still feel the CoRe/Relic balance the best with a small to mid-size coil. ( Except when they came out with the Relic, they eliminated the toggle pinpoint and put that god awful pinpoint button on the handle making it near impossible to grip the handle correctly)

They have the Racer 2, loaded with a bunch of nice features. Would like to see them put that machine in say a Vanquish, Apex or T2 housing configuration. Just a nice land based, very erogonomically friendly machine. Even the R2 with a mid to large coil will start to wear on you soon.

Probably some of the reason I just keep my Core machines and haven't went with their newest offerings. If it gets to the point I can't hear the mid tone any longer because i can't turn the low tone volume down.......I guess I'll just go for the high tone targets. I have found plenty of nickels. And if I get a gold coin then it will have to be the bigger ones that hit in the high tones smiling smiley

CoRe,Relic & Racers
MXT All Pro & M6
Big Red 440
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Garrett Apex Attachments

Kickindirt 318 August 28, 2020 03:09PM

thumbs up. Garrett Apex N/T

UtahRich 112 August 31, 2020 09:27AM

Re: Garrett Apex

WM6 146 August 30, 2020 02:08AM

A little more Clarity

UtahRich 142 August 31, 2020 11:29AM

Re: A little more Clarity

WM6 127 August 31, 2020 12:04PM

Re: A little more Clarity

OregonGregg 130 August 31, 2020 12:47PM

Re: A little more Clarity

UtahRich 121 August 31, 2020 12:21PM

Re: Garrett Apex

OregonGregg 135 August 30, 2020 09:41PM

Re: Garrett Apex

WM6 150 August 31, 2020 03:48AM

Re: Garrett Apex

OregonGregg 123 August 31, 2020 10:03AM

WM6, I haven't found a detector not hampered by 'masking.'

Monte 147 August 31, 2020 04:37AM

Re: WM6, I haven't found a detector not hampered by 'masking.'

WM6 144 August 31, 2020 12:50PM

Re: WM6, I haven't found a detector not hampered by 'masking.'

GeoW 118 September 02, 2020 10:47PM

Re: Garrett Apex N/T

jmaryt 133 August 28, 2020 05:11PM

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