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Re: WM6, I haven't found a detector not hampered by 'masking.'

August 31, 2020 12:50PM

That image you posted with the large piece of iron and a small dime is something
that would affect every detector, with some detector and coil combinations suffering
more than others.


Hi Monte

Such alike large pieces of iron (exploded projectile shell parts) are found here
in uncountable numbers on WWI and WWII battle fields. So I tested those
rusty iron wedge on unmasking along with silver coin with great reason.

You have genuine great USA made detector Fisher F75 SE (Special Edition -
not same as regular F75), that is able to filter out such rusty wedge by set
discrimination at 13 (from 99 possible max settings) and still detecting
silver coin put near to rusty wedge.

In direct comparison, despite declared "Excellent diskrimination & Unmasking Ability"
of Anfibio and Kruzer, they are not able to filter out in most Mode those wedge, even
with Discrimination set to Max (99), which mean nothing of silver coin detection. Only
Anfibio Cache Mode was able to pass such discrimination masking test. But who is
searching primary in Anfibio Cache mode?

Not to say that F75 SE was at least 10cm deeper in silver coin detecting than all other
so popular crap like 800, Deus etc.

Simple say, if detector is able to go only 21cm on silver coin, it will not see such coin
at 25cm, at depth which is peace of cake for F75 SE, which can go on silver coin at
more than 34cm deep.

This all strictly tested and not some sort of religious beliefs. Discussion on beliefs base
is always futile.
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WM6, I haven't found a detector not hampered by 'masking.'

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Re: WM6, I haven't found a detector not hampered by 'masking.'

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Re: WM6, I haven't found a detector not hampered by 'masking.'

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Re: Garrett Apex N/T

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