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FORS series Gold+ and Relic comparisons.

November 01, 2018 06:48PM avatar
Both of these models operate at 19 kHz and are also in the same size, weight and physical design packages.

The Gold + was introduced in late 2015 and I got mine in December of that year. The Gold + came standard with two search coils: A white-colored, solid-body 5½X10 Double-D and a round 5" DD. It featured three search modes:

GEN: A Threshold-based All Metal mode.

FST: A VCO enhanced 2-Tone FAST-processing motion based Discriminate mode which has very fast target detection and recovery.

BST: A VCO enhanced 2-Tone Boost-process motion based Discriminate mode that allows a slower-sweep search but enhanced target detection depth.

The Gold Plus was intended specifically for Gold Nugget Hunting, but it can also serve well for Relic Hunting and even urban Coin & Jewelry Hunting.

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The Relic was introduced in the spring of 2016. I received my prototype in January to evaluate and critique and it initially it had a different name assigned. Keith Southern, also a devoted Relic Hunter who resides in the SE USA and works CW sites among other old sites, also got his prototype unit for evaluation. We both agreed on a few needed changes and conveyed that information to Dilek and the lead design engineer, Alper Tozan, at Nokta.

Quickly they made the requested changes that resulted in the final production design and sent Keith & me a revised prototype system box in rapid time, and in an e-mail letting us know the revised units were coming our way, Dilek asked our thoughts on a name change. She suggested the new name be the FORS Relic and Keith & I both agreed that was an excellent decision! thumbs up Soon came their next excellent product, and one of my favorites of favorites in my detector outfit.

The Relic also came standard with two search coils: A black 7X11 open-frame DD and a round 5" DD. It featured six search modes:

GEN: A Threshold-based All Metal mode.

Di2: A VCO enhanced primary-use 2-Tone motion-based Discriminate mode with better depth for average searches.

Di3: A processed 3-Tone audio motion-based Discriminate mode, especially intended for Coin Hunting or times we prefer a multi-tone.

COG: A Conductive Ground VCO enhanced 2-Tone search mode especially engineered for salt water environments.

DEP: A VCO enhanced 2-Tone DEEP (aka BOOST)-process motion based Discriminate mode that allows a slower-sweep search but enhanced target detection depth.

SWT: A VCO enhanced 2-Tone SWIFT (aka FAST)-processing motion based Discriminate mode which has very fast target detection and recovery.

In addition, partly due to the space available on the side-positioned display, they did eliminate some adjustment functions, such as Vibrate and Tone pitch. That was one of the encouragements from both Keith and me because the set tone pitch on the original prototype was at '3' (similar to the preset Tone on the FORS CoRe) and we both felt it was too low and suggested the higher Tone level of '5' be used. That's what they used as the fixed Tone in the production Relic.

Eliminating some functions was fine because there were added adjustments that were more important and functional for most Avid Detectorists. Those added features are:

Tone Break that allows a lower break-point adjustment in all of the 2-Tone modes, and the ability to adjust the Mid-Tone/High-Tone break-point in the 3-Tone Di3 mode.

Iron Volume to reduce the audio Volume or Loudness for the Ferrous-Range targets (those below the lower Tone break setting).

iSAT to adjust a Self-Adjusting Threshold speed (aka Auto-Tune).

Naturally, the Relic, a model especially designed to fit the needs of serious Relic Hunters who deal with a loot of dense iron contaminated sites, is also just as functional as the Gold Plus for Nugget Hunting, and can serve the needs of Coin & Jewelry Hunters, too.

For me, since I'm sharing some answers to your question, the Relic is right at home with the 5" DD coil mounted full-time because I primarily Relic Hunt very contaminated sites. But since it is so versatile, balances so well and can work in many different environments, I treat it like I do my CoRe series and own TWO of each. On my 2nd Relic I keep the open-frame 5X9½ DD mounted full-time and grab that set-up when I am hunting a more open site with fewer offending pieces of trash.

My 5" DD equipped Relic turns on in 3-Tone mode, and my mid-sized coil equipped Relic I have saved to start up in the more enhanced performance 2-Tone Di2 mode.

Fantastic detectors that are some of the better-balanced units in my 13 detector outfit.


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