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Window-shopping for a 'gold nugget' model to add in 2019?

November 04, 2018 07:44AM avatar
Thanks Monte,
My FORS Relic is also going nowhere other than out with me to hunt.
I have the stock 11x7, 5"DD, and both the white concentric and black DD closed elliptical coils all on lower stems.
I feel like I have all my bases covered with this set up.
As I often state, my Nokta CoRe and Relic devices are here-to-stay. Due to cold and dreary weather today, I have all of my thirteen detectors here in my den, just hanging on the wall. Those 13 individual devices are comprised of nine different models from four manufacturers, and from those nine models I could choose six of them to take out Gold Nugget Hunting. In that mix of six detectors, three of them are Nokta-Makro products: A FORS CoRe, FORS Relic and Anfibio Multi.

I would comfortably grab any of these six models if I set out primarily intending to Nugget Hunt potential sites, and of the three Nokta-Makro devices my preferred model would be the Relic. It can provide all of the in-the-field performance of the Gold + and then some with the added search modes and functions. The two search coils I prefer to use on the Relic are the round 5" DD solid coil and the mid-size 5X9½ DD open-frame elliptical coil, and I have one of each mounted on my two Relic units, so I am good-to-go!

I was just curious about what differences existed between the Gold + and Relic since they seem pretty similar and share coils.
They are so similar that there is no need to own both since the Relic has more modes and optional functions and performs like the Gold +.

In 2019 I am thinking of adding a dedicated gold unit my arsenal. I am thinking that as far as VLF goes the gold Kruzer would probably be a better compliment to my existing, (and growing), line up.
If someone was looking for a separate model that they could use specifically for Gold Nugget Hunting, and different from the Relic which you have to complement the Relic, I think you are on the right track to get a 'gold specific' model that operates up in the Low Frequency Range rather than in the Very Low Frequencies.

I have not handled the new Gold Kruzer which has different search mode functions than the Gold Racer which I am familiar with. The new Gold Kruzer is fully waterproof and is a LF device operating at 61 kHz, and the Gold Racer operates at 56 kHz. Because I wouldn't be working a gold-specific detector in and under water and need waterproofing, that would eliminate that benefit of the Gold Kruzer. Most Gold Nugget Hunting I have done, and still occasionally do, is on common dry terrain or especially in sloped areas searching for gold specimens that are shallower and still working their way through centuries of erosion to get down to stream-level.

If I wanted a LF detector specifically for Nugget Hunting, I prefer the Gold Racer. I know what it can do when in tiny gold specimen sites, and I have also seen what it can do when I have used it for some Coin & Jewelry Hunting and even some Relic Hunting ... although I have better detectors on-hand for those specific applications.

Otherwise, if you were content to consider another model in the VLF range, and wanted to stay with one that works at or close to 19 kHz, you already have the Relic so the Nokta-Makro choices would be either the Impact or Anfibio Multi, both offering selectable frequencies of 5 kHz, 14 kHz or 20 kHz, or perhaps the single-frequency Anfibio 19.

Of these three models I have two that I would select for different reasons.

I really like the Nokta Impact as a terrific 'general-purpose' detector, and of these two the Impact, using the same size search coil, will have slightly better balance since the battery housing and such are rear-positioned. The Anfibio Multi is going to feel just a bit top-heavy compared with the Impact because there is no rear-weighted housing, and the system box is a little heavier atop the hand-grip because it is a thicker and more durable plastic to resist water intrusion, plus it as all the electronics and that includes the weight of the built-in LiPo battery system.

They both use the same style search coils, both use a similar middle and lower rod-set and rod-lock system, and both offer the same selection of operating frequencies. However, the strong point for mein the Anfibio Multi's appeal, at least with my production specimen, is that it has the best all-purpose performance in all search modes with regard to how well it handles some of my more extreme test samples related to Cache Hunting performance looking for a silver coin hoard in a glass container or pottery crock, or a cloth or leather bag. In other words, silver coins that are not hidden inside an iron or tin container.

I just did a few test comparisons yesterday and my Anfibio Multi opt-performed all of my other Nokta-Makro devices as well comparisons I've done in the last few months with a Teknetics T2, Fisher F75, Fisher F19, XP Deus, Minelab Explorer SE Pro, E-Trac, CTX-3030 and both the Equinox 600 and 800 models.

I was going to buy the new White's Goldmaster 24K to evaluate for two reasons: ONE is because I like the physical packaging that is similar to my MX-7 which is very comfortable, and TWO is because I really like the sand-tan color they chose for the control and display housings and upper rod. It does operate in the LF range at 48 kHz, but the available features and limited adjustment functions might work OK for gold nugget hunting specifically, but it doesn't have a better and more functional Discriminate range or other design features to compete with the 56 kHz Gold Racer or fully waterproof 61 kHz Gold Kruzer.

I like it's looks and how it balances and feels, but dollar-for-dollar it didn't keep my interest up enough to invest my money for one. Besides, like I said, of my 9 different models 6 of them can serve me fine for the nugget hunting opportunities I have relative to where I live and what gold bearing areas are within a reasonable drive, and of those 6 workable VLF devices the first one I would grab to go after gold nuggets would be my 19 kHz Relic. If pressed, my 2nd choice would be my 15 kHz CoRe and 3rd would be a tie between the 13.9 kHz MX-7 and selectable-frequency Anfibio Multi..

If you are not in or close to a potentially productive gold bearing site that might have decent gold nugget potential, it might be better to save the investment in a different nugget-specific detector and just put the Relic to work.


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