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Congratulations! Now, for one Question and a few Tips.

November 07, 2018 01:16PM avatar
Over the weekend I sold the AT Pro and then came across a dealer with a Fors Relic for what I felt to be a very good price.
My personal opinion is that it was a good idea to let the AT Pro find a new home. It was a superb idea to buy a Nokta FORS Relic. thumbs up

I use the smaller 5" DD and this mid-size 5X9½ open-frame DD and very seldom mount the stock 7X11 DD. I reserve it for those rare times I might hit a wide-open beach or larger and target-sparse park, or if doing a wide-open field .... but only if I feel the 5X9½" isn't handling it OK for me. The 5" DD sees the most work because I spend most of my detecting time in dense brush, building rubble and trash, or in-town places that are also trashy or working close to metal structures. And for those urban places with metal structures I usually just grab a Tesoro or something a little different anyway.

It should arrive hopefully the first of next week.The unit is still under warranty and comes with the stock coil and a 5x9 also.
If you saw photos, was it the open-frame 5X9½ DD or the solid-body 5½X10? I've read posts and seen listings where the seller wasn't correct on the search coil description.

Does it have the 5" DD that was standard in the Relic 2-coil package, or only the 7X11 and 59½ coils? For me and the many people I know and/or hunt with who use the Relic, the 5" DD is an absolute 'must-have' for nail contaminated sites and other very littered environments.

Matter of fact, I have 13 detectors here in my den, made up of 9 different models, and most have their smaller-size coil mounted. The 6" Concentric on my Tesoro Silver Sabre µMAX and both Bandido II µMAX's, a 5½" Concentric on my White's modified Classic ID and 6½" Concentric on both my XLT and MX-7. A 7" Concentric on each Teknetics Omega 8000, and a 7" Concentric on my Nokta-Makro Anfibio Multi. (I still need to buy the 5" DD for the Anfibio for dense iron trash.)

One FORS CoRe and one FORS Relic have the 5X9½ DD open-frame coils mounted, and the other two CoRe and Relic devices have the 'OOR' DD or 5" DD mounted for full-time use. Thirteen detectors and all have a smaller to mid-sized coil mounted. I have one test sample comparison here on my den floor (where there are some iron nails under the carpet in the flooring) and the sample is a copper or brass button front-piece, about the diameter of a US 5¢ coin, and one rusty iron nail about 3½" long.

The button front is flat on the floor and I lay the iron nail across it dead-center. The only Discrimination adjustment I want to use is a setting high enough to just barely reject the iron nail. Naturally with the three Tesoro's with ED-120 Disc. that control is set at the minimum adjustment possible.

The test is simple: Sweep left-to-right and then right-to-left completely crossing the test scenario going crosswise to the nail, and then lengthwise or "down the barrel" as some call it. That allows for a possible 4 hits, How many of the13 units in my Detector Outfit can produce 4 very clean and repeatable 'Beeps' on that Test scenario? Getting 2 sweeping crosswise and then 2 sweeping lengthwise? Only 2 of the 13.

Which ones are they? The FORS CoRe w/''OOR' DD coil (4.7X5.2) and the FORS Relic w/5" DD coil

If you do not have the 5" DD in that package and want one, I have an extra brand new 5" DD for the Relic and I've reasonably priced it, too. smiling smiley.

I am excited to see how it performs. Ive read alot of positive posts on its performance and feel it will be a great fit for me.
Make sure you give yourself time so you learn the Relic well, and don't try to rush a search with a too-fast sweep speed. I keep the lower rod at the shortest length and work the coil about 12"-18" in front of my toe. The CoRe and Relic balance so well it is amazing compared with how they look. I can hunt longer with them and their smaller coil than I can with my MX-7 w/6½" Concentric or even modified Classic ID w/5½" Concentric, XLT w/6½", Anfibio Multi w/7" without fatigue.

If you have any tips on settings please throw them my way.
Tip #1: Do not extend the rods too far out in front of you.

Tip #2: Do not sweep too briskly.

Tip #3: Use a slow-and-methodical sweep speed and make sure you overlap sweeps well.

Tip #4: Consider using the 3-Tone mode (Di3) for most searches with a smaller coil and in trashier conditions. Use the Di2 2-Tone mode for most other hunts, especially in occasional iron debris or more open areas, as it will produce a very clear and distinctive response in iron trash. Those are the two primary search modes to use, but I do occasionally switch to the Deep mode in more open areas and work it with a slower sweep to better process the ground mineral and target signals to gain added depth-of-detection.

Tip #5: I like to hear some of the iron trash at a site to know it is present and then work around it to try and unmask a possible keeper. I set the Discrimination at '05' (nails are rejected at '10) and use a low iron Volume level so the ferrous-range tones are 'hearable' but 'weaker' and not too loud. I use a setting of '02' for that.

Tip #6: Keep Tracking at '0' for Off in the Discriminate modes, and I prefer to leave it 'Off' all the time in all modes except if hunting a reasonably consistent or uniform wide-open dry sand beach or plowed fields in the GEN All Metal mode.

Tip #7: Refer to my Relic settings, or anyone else's Relic settings, but in the end, work with the Relic and learn it well so you'll figure out YOUR preferred Relic settings since you might not agree with everyone's ideas.

Now, there are seven 'Tips' and I'll leave you with my saved Relic settings with this one reminder about Mode names. While most are easily understood, just remember that DI2 and DI3 are not D12 or D13. The programming uses an upper-case 'I' and not the lower-case 'i' so I always type Di2 and Di3 to define a Discriminate 2-Tone or 3-Tone mode. And other than the Threshold-based All Metal GEN mode and the processed audio 3-Tone Di3 mode, all other modes are a 2-Tone, VCO enhanced design.

My saved Relic settings are as follows:

Common settings for all modes:

'20' - Volume
'20' - Brightness
'in' - Cm/INCH
'En' - Language

Search mode settings:

GEN: All Metal mode
'85' - Sensitivity
'55' - Threshold

'95' - Sensitivity
'05' - ID Mask (Discrimination level)
'02' - Iron Volume
'20' - Tone Break
'01' - iMASK

'99' - Sensitivity
'05' - ID Mask (Discrimination level)
'02' - Iron Volume
'65' - Tone Break
'01' - iMASK

COG: Beach mode.
'90 - Sensitivity
'20' - ID Mask (Discrimination level)
'02' - Iron Volume
'20' - Tone Break
'01' - iMASK

'95' - Sensitivity
'05' - ID Mask (Discrimination level)
'02' - Iron Volume
'20' - Tone Break
'01' - iMASK

'85' - Sensitivity
'05' - ID Mask (Discrimination level)
'02' - Iron Volume
'20' - Tone Break
'01' - iMASK

Yes, as you can see, most of the common functions have a similar setting. That's because it is all I need to get the best performance out of the Relic for that mode. If I stray up and the Relic is noisy due to EMI, it is very quick to simply reduce the Sensitivity level just to the point I gain stability and I'm good-to-go. That happens very, very seldom.

Just the other reminder that I might have mentioned, my primary-use Relic has the 5" DD coil mounted and it is Saved to turn On in Di3, but my 2nd Relic, with the 5X9½ DD mid-sized coil, is Saved to start up in Di2 because I use it in lower trash areas.

I hope this helps, and keep me and everyone posted on how you are doing with the Relic.


"Your EYES ... the only 100% accurate form of Discrimination!"

Stinkwater Wells
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Congratulations! Now, for one Question and a few Tips.

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Re: Congratulations! Now, for one Question and a few Tips.

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Back to you, Todd.

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