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First real hunt with Relic

November 18, 2018 03:48PM
I made it out for a couple of hours yesterday morning and this morning with the Relic armed with the 9.5"x5" coil. Not a lot to show for it but my whole intention was to learn the new detector. I hit Schute Park in Hillsboro yesterday morning. I started in the open grass running 3 tone. repeatable signals were scarce. Anything that would give a good repeatable tone I dug then compared it to the ID. I will say the machine is sensitive to some of the smallest foil I have dug. The most interesting target bounced between the high 60's to mid 70s with a good high tone. I was thinking zinc penny and I was half correct. It was a zinc with corrosion on one side but just to the side and under it was a 22 cal. casing. Im thinking that was the reason for the bounce to the mid 70s. I then moved to the forested and went to 2 tone (DI2). For whatever reason this mode was more chattery with interference. I had the sensitivity at 90 in both DI2 and DI3. Lowering the sensitivity didn't seem to help until I got it in the area of 50-60. I decided to switch to SWT 2 tone with the sensitivity at 85. The machine just purred in that mode. Almost immediatly I hit a target in the 80s. Pinpointing it was saying it was 18" deepeye popping smiley. At 6" I retrieved a clad dime. Not to self when programming make sure to select inches not centimeters! I proceeded to hit the usual bottlecaps and pulltabs but in between I did pop a couple of quarters a nickle another dime and a few more pennies, nothing old though. I was starting to learn the Relics language. The wind finally took its toll and I headed home. Last night I went back through the programs and made sure each was set to inches. I also compared the settings for DI2 and DI3 looking for a reason for the interference.. Both are set identical with the exception of the tone break. This morning I hit Raleigh Park for a couple of hours. Again I started out in DI3 then switched to DI2. That mode was still chattery so I switched to SWT. I actually liking that mode the best so far. Coins were pretty scarce but I did pop a half dozen beavertail pulltabs. I actually don't mind digging those because that is telling me the potential for silver is there also. I got to experience the Relics ability for fast target separation. In one spot I hit 2 pennies within 2-3" of each other getting a solid hit on each. Find wise it wasn't an impressive day but I feel I did well learning the machine and what it is telling me. So far I'm giving it a thumbs up.

Nokta Fors Relic , Tesoro Black Vaquero, Garrett Carrot

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First real hunt with Relic

Timbertodd 62 November 18, 2018 03:48PM

Pleased to hear you're working with the Relic.

Monte 45 November 19, 2018 06:05AM

Re: Pleased to hear you're working with the Relic.

Timbertodd 39 November 19, 2018 06:13PM

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