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Pleased to hear you're working with the Relic.

November 19, 2018 06:05AM avatar
You should be noticing how comfortable the device is, and with the available search modes it provides ample selection to better handle various challenges. In this case you found the Swift mode to reduce some EMI you were experiencing in the Di-2 and Di-3 modes. Remember, too, that Di-2 has more in-built sensitivity than Di-3. Shute park got worked over pretty hard through the '70s and '80s, and since then there have been several individuals more dedicated to the sport who have put in a lot of time there.

The last few areas where I pulled more silver dines and a couple of 'V' nickels were:

• The west side treed area towards the Senior Center.

• The east side treed area near the small playground area to the south, and the northern part of the east-side treed area about half-way in between the road and grassy park, with most older coins about center and over toward the sidewalk/road to the east.

• All around the Library and small grassy area to the north of it when they were doing all the renovation work several years ago (more Barber's and Mercury's than Roosevelt silvers). Always watch for any renovation work at that park as well as other old-use parks.

Then Raleigh Park. I'm terrible remembering names, especially people's names, but if Raleigh Park is the one with the swimming pool by the west-side parking lot, I had the best success for 'older coins':

• North of the parking lot and closer to the park edge brush areas.

• East of the pool and closer to the mid-park to the south side.

• More Mercury Dimes and such off to the east side of the park after walking up the pathway ... but that was back when I could walk uphill without fatigue, struggle and pain.

As for EMI, I have the Sensitivity of all my detectors set at, or turned on to start at, maximum of very close to. My turn-on saved settings have Di-3 have Sensitivity set at '99' and Di-2 at '95' on my Relic's, and if there is EMI I turn them down as needed. I have used the DEEP mode from time-to-time and it also starts out with Sensitivity at '95' but the Swift mode is saved at '85' to help reduce 'noise' in very littered sites.

Personally, other than when doing evaluations with the prototype sample, I have only used Swift mode once for about 10 minutes or so. I prefer to just reduce the Sensitivity as needed to stabilize the other modes. I also don't encounter EMI all that often because (1) I am usually hunting out-of-the-way locations when Relic Hunting or, fortunately, select urban sites that are quieter, and (2) I hunt with the smaller 5" DD coil most of the time and it, being smaller, seems to be bothered by EMI less often. That's usually true with any make or model using a smaller-size search coil.

By the way, the 5" DD for the Relic should arrive today according to the postal receipt and tracking number. Give it ample time afield, just like learning the other coils, and I'm sure you'll be impressed.

Finally, the 'Common Settings' of Volume, Brightness, Cm/in and Language only need to be set once for any mode as they are shared by all search modes. I hope you can get out during the upcoming holiday period, but we might be getting rain here thus more likely over your direction. sad smiley It's 18° out on my deck at 5 AM so I won't be hunting today unless we get that warm-up to close to 44° this afternoon.


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First real hunt with Relic

Timbertodd 62 November 18, 2018 03:48PM

Pleased to hear you're working with the Relic.

Monte 44 November 19, 2018 06:05AM

Re: Pleased to hear you're working with the Relic.

Timbertodd 37 November 19, 2018 06:13PM

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