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Anfibio 'series' and the Nail Board. ... Naturally, one of my multiple test scenarios.

December 17, 2018 04:26AM avatar
Fish N Chips
I followed a couple Relic leads but they were already sold. My wife gave the go ahead on an Anfibio multi but I am still mulling it over. I do like the concentric coil options on the Anfibio.
Great wife ... Tough decision.thinking

Fish N Chips
Monte I am sure you or someone here has nail board tested the 7" concentric and 5"DD on the Anfibio. How did it do?
I bought the 7" Concentric and used a borrowed 5" DD as that coil would be on a shopping list. Naturally, both coils on the Anfibio Multi performed great IF you were using 14 kHz or 20 kHz operating frequencies. Both of these coils, using both of those frequencies, produced 8-out-of-8 good hits. At 5 kHz, however, the 7" Concentric only produced 4-out-of-8 good hits. That is what I anticipated after experiencing similar results with the Impact, Multi-Kruzer and now the Anfibio Multi using 5 kHz.

And that was checking in both 2-Tone and 3-Tone modes, and I attribute the degraded performance on the very low frequency, the close association of the iron nails, and I can't ignore the fact that some detector circuitry designs do have trouble with some ferrous targets and how they handle rejection and target recovery.

Also, I checked both Disc. modes and all three frequencies while accepting nails with a Disc. setting of '03' as well as rejecting iron nails with a Disc. setting of '05' to '10.'

Fish N Chips
I wonder if the 5 kHz option would be an advantage for old silver in parks? I have read the theory but never tried low frequency in practice.
Theories can be helpful, but theories can also be wrong. As a general rule, Yes, using a lower operating frequency might provide a little better depth in more mineralized ground and might also be more responsive with higher-conductive targets such as copper and silver coins.

If you are working a park, private yard or other grassy type location that has the potential for older silver coins, then Yes, making use of 5 kHz might be helpful. However, if that location also has a fair amount of nails or other ferrous debris relatively close to lost coins, the 5 kHz frequency might not be the best choice and it would be good to select either 14 kHz or 20 kHz (or 19 kHz on the Multi-Kruzer). Good-target masking can be an issue in close iron debris when working at 5 kHz.

Fish N Chips
I am not in any huge hurry and due to the price will continue my research and search the deals before deciding. If I got Anfibio I would get the 5" dd and 7" concentric with it.
That would be the best pick, in my opinion, to complement the stock 11" DD.

Fish N Chips
If the Relic then the 5" DD and the larger concentric for parks. Concentric coils just seem to handle my bottle cap nemeses better, lol.
The 5" DD for sure, and to me it is a toss-up on mid-sized coils. The solid 5½X10 Concentric coil does provide the better Discrimination we associate with Concentric designs over a DD type, but my personal pick is the open-frame 5X9½ DD. I have that coil on my 2nd FORS CoRe as well, but for me I can justify it because I have mid-size 7" Concentric coils on an Anfibio Multi, Fisher F44 and Omega 8K and I would usually have more than only a Relic along on my detecting travels.

There are other things to consider of selecting various detector models as well as choosing what operating frequency you might be better off using, as well as for the types of targets you might be looking for. I will be discussing this topic on the General Metal Detecting Forum in the next day or two rather than on a specific brand Forum because it does get interesting. Kind of helps point out why I like to have a selection of detector models in my Outfit and not try to rely on using only one or two models to handle all the search needs I have.

Of course, since your wife is so kind and thoughtful, perhaps you could keep a watch for both a nice Relic as well as an Anfibio Multi. cool smiley Just be equally kind to her during this Holiday Season. Maybe that would work?confused smiley


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Druid 331 December 16, 2018 04:52PM

Anfibio nail board test?

Fish N Chips 438 December 16, 2018 10:14PM

Anfibio 'series' and the Nail Board. ... Naturally, one of my multiple test scenarios.

Monte 496 December 17, 2018 04:26AM

Re: Anfibio 19 may be a good option.

Fish N Chips 389 December 17, 2018 08:44AM

The Anfibio 19 and the FORS Relic.thinking

Monte 459 December 18, 2018 11:51AM

Re: The Anfibio 19 and the FORS Relic.thinking

Fish N Chips 389 December 18, 2018 07:12PM

Re: Anfibio 19 may be a good option.

Remfire 365 December 18, 2018 06:53AM

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