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A little bit of this and that.

December 18, 2018 07:58PM avatar
Fish N Chips
I really like having the concentric coil options. My Tesoros with the concentric just run so smooth in trash and iron, but I am also excited to compare the 5" DD against my T2 with the 5" DD. It will be a great comparision to show me what it can do.
as I mentioned elsewhere, I generally prefer a Concentric coil, but some of my devices were designed with DD's and seem to work better with them. Tesoro's, on the other hand, more often than not are stinky with a DD coil but work quite well with a Concentric. Just circuitry design for the most part.

The Teknetics 5" DD coils are just slightly smaller in diameter than the Nokta-Makro 5" DD coils which, in some cases, could provide an 'edge' in performance, but I am sure you'll find out otherwise. I used to use T2 but almost exclusively with their 5" DD coil, until the Nokta CoRe and Relic came along. I didn't borrow the 5" for the Anfibio when I had a T2 around but the 5" DD on the Relic, Racer 2, Impact and Multi-Kruzer all outperformed the T2/5" DD combination in some of the more challenging tests I do. I look forward to your comments on the comparison after you have worked both of them side-by-side with comparable settings.

Fish N Chips
I wont bother with any larger coil options other than the stock 11". I got the NEL Tornado for my T2 to hopefully find deep coins, but honestly the beach is the only place it works.
The Anfibio / Kruzer 11" DD round coil works very well. I feel it makes an ideal bigger-size coil for certain applications.

Fish N Chips
The battery pack and headphone adapter will be nice when off grid and camping where recharging may be an issue. The wireless headphones are going to be nice though!
I like the easily attached and unattached AA battery pack and felt it was the way to hunt full-time. Then, if the longer-running AA alkaline batteries die you simply remove the connector and have the fully charged Li-Po battery to keep things in operation.

Fish N Chips
I am hopeful it will run in my park with the radar station. It was a WW2 base and is now a park. EMI is horrible making detectors almost unusable, my Tesoros do fair but loose a lot of depth. I have my fingers crossed, maybe the different frequencies will open it up for me. I know some good stuff is hidden by the EMI.
I absolutely love my favorite Tesoro models and generally they will provide me with ample depth-of-detection and performance to the typical 1" to 5+" coin depths, however .... I have found most Tesoro units to be bothered by nearby EMI more than almost any other detector I have owned or used. I always have a Tesoro in my travel detector group, but I also make use of competitive models that are less affected by EMI than Tesoro's.

Fish N Chips
Most its use will be at my old sites looking for relics, but it will be nice to try in the parks. Maybe it will convert me to enjoying parks more.
The Anfibio Multi w/5" DD will handle the very challenging iron littered sites quite well, and in modestly littered places the 7" Concentric is my favorite coil-of-choice. Relic Hunting or Coin Hunting, it can get the job done.

Keep us posted on your success and time spent afield once you've learned the Anfibio Multi.


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Anfibio Multi on the way smiling smiley

Fish N Chips 418 December 18, 2018 10:50AM

Re: Anfibio Multi on the way smiling smiley

UtahRich 291 December 20, 2018 09:45PM

Re: Anfibio Multi on the way smiling smiley

OregonGregg 333 December 18, 2018 08:03PM

Re: Anfibio Multi on the way smiling smiley

Timbertodd 318 December 18, 2018 03:22PM

Terriific decision, and a terrific wife to spend your money so wisely.

Monte 351 December 18, 2018 12:06PM

Re: Terriific decision, and a terrific wife to spend your money so wisely.

Fish N Chips 342 December 18, 2018 07:23PM

A little bit of this and that.

Monte 261 December 18, 2018 07:58PM

Been reading the manual and watching videos.

Fish N Chips 384 December 20, 2018 11:56AM

User Manuals .. Videos .. Field Use

Monte 304 December 20, 2018 11:47PM

Re: User Manuals .. Videos .. Field Use

Timbertodd 317 December 21, 2018 04:21PM

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