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User Manuals .. Videos .. Field Use

December 20, 2018 11:47PM avatar
Of these three, the You Tube type videos can often be the least helpful. I watch so many that are biased because the videographer has a bias towards a different brand or model, or quite often they don't seem to understand the detector that well to begin with. Some are just rude towards some products, but there are, I will admit, a few out there that can be useful in learning and understanding a new-to-you detector.

The #1 thing we all need to do is read, cover-to-cover, the User Manual. Question things that aren't quite clear and make notes as we go to be certain we get the answers and understand the different adjustment features.

The #2 step is equally important to learn the strengths and weakness of a detector and coil combination, and that is getting out and using it afield. Search a variety of sites that have different conditions. Find more open areas to search but don't ignore very trashy places in order to learn a detector's recovery and response time, best sweep speed, etc.

You have the right idea about gridding a dedicated area and searching it with one model to flag located targets in order to check the performance of other detectors. I've done that for decades to better learn a detector's strengths and weaknesses. Not only when a new detector gets in my hands, either. It's almost routine for me to just do some quick comparisons when I venture afield since I travel with several detectors and I want to keep my mind fresh of what performance it is I like about my detectors of choice.

It won't take long with the Anfibio Multi to kind of match up the settings you use with the T2 and compare them side-by-side.

Fish N Chips
Monte when in the more open areas of parks where you can up-size from your 7" concentric do you use the stock coil, or the smaller 9.5x5" DD or have you tried the newer 9" concentric?.
I do not have the 5X9½ DD open-frame for the Anfibio Multi because I have no need for that coil.

For one reason, I have that size coil mounted on one of my two FORS CoRe units to serve me when I want that 15 kHz performance, and that same size DD coil on my second FORS Relic to provide me performance at 19 kHz when in modestly iron littered areas where I can take advantage of the Iron Audio Volume feature.

The only Anfibio coil I do not have right now is the 5" DD, partly because I have an 'OOR' on one CoRe and a 5" DD on one Relic so I have those really dense iron debris conditions well covered. Also because my meager $$$ has been assigned other tasks this Christmas Holiday Season, plus getting a broken windshield replaced and some front-end and brake work I need on my GMC.

But with a 5" DD for the Anfibio Multi I would feel totally well prepared with a 3-coil set-up that included the 7" Concentric coil for all general-purpose hunting, and the stock 11" DD for open areas with minimal metal targets. While I do not have the 5" DD at this time I do have the new 9" Concentric coil. It's an 'OK' coil, mostly, but if I am park hunting or working any wide-open spaces with minimal targets and I wanted to 'up-size' from the 7" Concentric, I feel the standard 11" DD is the ideal go-to search coil. The 7" Concentric for almost everything and drop to the 5" DD for the nastiest of trash environments or up-size to the 11" DD when conditions all a little more coverage and depth where there are not as many trash targets to mask some potentially deeper targets.

Fish N Chips
I will put time in with what I bought first, but it is nice having all the coil options..
Coil options can be kept pretty simple to eliminate mental confusion at times. Small, medium and larger in order to handle typical day-to-day conditions.

Fish N Chips
Honestly anymore even my Tesoros rarely see anything larger than the 5.75" coil, but that 9" concentric could be nice on bottle cap beaches and open areas of parks, but the 11" stock coil and the smaller 7" and 5" coils may be all I need.
Just a comment about coils, if you don't mind. I sure wish manufacturers would just name or describe a search coil by its physical dimensions rather than use cutsie marketing stuff.

The Tesoro named 5.75 coil measures almost exactly 6", and they got that dumb coil name idea from White's who used 5.3 Black Max, 5.3 Bullseye and 5.3 Eclipse to describe the search coil that measures 6½" in diameter. They first described it as the 600 Blue Max and now the same housing is called a 'Six Shooter' but they need to invest some profits in a ruler or tape measure because it is closer to a 6½" diameter.

Saying any of them are 5 point anything is off-the-mark and leaves some people thinking the coil is really smaller than what they want or need, and I feel it is important to know the proper size and type of coil we put to use. And like you, the 6" Concentric is my most used ... and actually my only use ... Tesoro coil. All three of my favorite Tesoro's keep a 6" coil mounted and I only have one spare 8" standard coil, I think, in my Accessory Coil Tote.

As to your question / comment here, if you get into a location where you're encountering more Bottle Caps, a Concentric coil might be the better choice (although some coil techniques can make DD's work almost as well) but going to a larger-size coil can defeat the purpose when trying to deal with a dense Bottle Cap plagued area. I have found the 7" Concentric to handle things quite well, and better than the 9" in Bottle Caps, or if it is really a dense area I opt for the smaller-size 5" DD coils to work in and around the potentially masking junk and do an OK job with those pesky, man-made Bottle Cap challenges.

An Anfibio Multi with a 5", 7" and 11" search coil trio should easily handle all, your needs.


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Terriific decision, and a terrific wife to spend your money so wisely.

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Re: Terriific decision, and a terrific wife to spend your money so wisely.

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A little bit of this and that.

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Been reading the manual and watching videos.

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User Manuals .. Videos .. Field Use

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Re: User Manuals .. Videos .. Field Use

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