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Anfibio Arrived! Initial impressions and a lot to learn!

December 27, 2018 09:13PM
I got the Anfibio today. Of course I was so excited I air tested a few targets and hit the park. Looking back i should have tried my test garden first but got to that later. Take this for what it is, I only have a few hours on the machine and a lot to learn on it!

The unit is well built and very easy to navigate. It has a lot of options but all make sense and nothing really threw me off. I had read the manual several times before getting the unit which helped. It assembled well and I like the shaft layout with the cam lock so much better. Coil changes are quick and easy.

First park was a WW2 park with the radar unit. EMI is terrible at this park, my Teknetics T2 is almost unusable. My Tesoros loose a lot of depth. The Anfibio was quiet in 3 tone, and a bit of chatter in 4 tone. I could run the gain to 90 without too much issue. I switched the frequency between 5, 14 and 20 and all seemed to run pretty quiet. The radar did come through on signals though creating a rough sound on targets which made good targets sound trashy, especially not knowing the machine yet. I only spent 30 min and dug a nickle, some pull tabs and a few quarters. I think it will be usable once I learn the machine more and know what to listen for through the EMI interference. I got behind a few building which shielded the unit from the RADAR and the difference was noticeable, targets sounds really becoming clean and crisp.

I headed to another old park, it is light to moderate trash and is pretty old. I know silver has been found there so I had high hopes (but it was not to be). EMI was very light with just a few WiFi routers in houses around the park. Again 3 tone was smooth and stable, it runs so quiet in that mode and you can really listen for coin signals. 4 tone is pretty hot but the increase in depth is very noticeable but I got a lot more falsing on bits of deep iron and nails. You just have to listen for the good signals through the chatter. I put the 7" concentric on which worked great around the trash, but of course lost depth. I was no longer digging those 6" plus coins, most my finds now being surface to 4 inches with the smaller coil but the separation in the trash was great and the coin lock was solid. The larger 11" coil was finding much deeper targets, one dime close to 7 inches with a good light but solid tone on it. I am not sure what the depth potential of this park is on most coins as I have only hunted it a few times, most coins I have found being surface to 6 inches, with just a few rare deeper targets. All coins I found were copper, nickles and clad.

The 11" coil worked surprisingly well in the light to moderate trash, locking onto good targets. I expected a lot of issue with the larger coil but it worked much better than any other machine I have with larger coils. There was no doubt when it was on a coin, iffy signals were junk, usually can slaw or bottle caps. I like that bottle caps are very easy to distinguish even with the DD coil dropping to the mid 70s and very unstable. My T2 LOVES bottle caps, they are very manageable with the Anfibio! The 7" coil had great separation and bottle caps dropped into the iron range.

I came home and used my test garden. I have coins buried for the last two years 6,8,10 and 12" deep and an assortment of trash items, and light to moderate EMI (close to the RADAR base). The 11" coil easily hit the 10" coins, and whispered on the 12" quarter. The 7" coil did great on 6" targets, ok on the 8" quarter, but lost the 10" coins, it hit them but I would never have dug the signal. These were much better in 4 tone to get the extra depth, the 3 tone lost the signals or became jumpy on the deeper targets. Setting the TID ID depth to the max seemed to help the machine lock onto the deeper targets and gave pretty stable TIDs on the deep coins.

What I like: It locks onto coin targets! Very stable on good targets, good TID (especially adjusted to deep TID setting). 3 tone has great separation and very quiet operation. 4 tone gave a lot more depth but a lot more falsing and instability, something practice will overcome to find deeper targets I believe. The wireless headphones are great, no more ear pain, no chord, and very responsive. It has a great TID scale with good separation of trash and good targets, not much seems to fall in the same range (except gold of course).

What I didn't like: The depth meter on the screen works, but the pin-point depth meter is way off. It showed coins from the surface to 8 inches as 2-4 inches. My measured 10" deep quarter shows 2 inches on the depth meter, but the main screen shows it being very deep. Hopefully this is something they fix in an update. I should try switching back to centimeters and see if it is more accurate,it may be a conversion error? It is slightly top heavy, but not too bad and I was able to hunt 4 hours without any noticeable arm fatigue. Turning the gain up above 89, or switching to 4 or 5 tone gave a lot more depth but the signal became more digital sounding. Likely digital enhancement of the signal? I liked the truer tones of less gain or 3 tone more, but just need to learn the language more at higher gain. The extra depth and target lock is noticeable at the higher settings at a loss of tone quality in my opinion.

I am excited to try out the 5" coil in my iron laden sights, separation with the other two coils was pretty amazing. The way the machine uses the 11" DD coil is much better than my T2, not nearly as much falsing on trash. I got out my nail board to put it through the paces with the coils and settings. I have a lot to figure out to get the most potential from the machine. So far I am impressed with it as a park hunter, but have a lot more to learn. I admit it seems to be a pretty incredible machine, I am excited to see what it can do.
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Anfibio Arrived! Initial impressions and a lot to learn!

Fish N Chips 577 December 27, 2018 09:13PM

Re: Anfibio Arrived! Initial impressions and a lot to learn!

Timbertodd 326 December 28, 2018 07:19AM

Initial impressions and a lot to learn!

UtahRich 330 December 28, 2018 12:03AM

First Relic Hunt.

Fish N Chips 319 December 29, 2018 07:13PM

Another nice report, Matt, and I agree with you almost 100%.

Monte 363 December 30, 2018 03:19AM

Re: Another nice report, Matt, and I agree with you almost 100%.

Fish N Chips 243 December 30, 2018 09:32AM

Occassional Nails vs Nasty Dense Saturations of Nails.

Monte 313 December 30, 2018 05:21PM

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