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First Relic Hunt.

December 29, 2018 07:13PM
I took the Anfibio out for a relic hunt today (I will post the adventure in the relic forum). I am still digging all signals to learn the detector but starting to figure out the sounds. The digital tones are becoming more familiar and I am adjusting well to them, there is a lot of audio information in the tone, I am just learning the language. I am finding the detector really locks onto targets, iffy signals are rarely anything good. Honestly I have yet to have an iffy signal be good. Clean signals are 'good' targets. It locks onto signals much better than my T2 in both sound and TID, the clear notes of the tone coming though from the nails and iron. It is like my Tesoros, when you hit a good signal you stop and go wow, that's coming out of the ground, lol.

Setting were mainly 3 tone due to the speed (targets were 1-5 inches deep), frequency 20 kHz, iron volume 1, other volumes 5, discrimination 3 (seems to knock out most nails really well).

I used the 7" coil at the first site, it did well in the light to moderate trash. It was able to discriminate out or give very jumpy signals on most the rusty tin. I dug a few pieces that sounded great, but most I could tell before digging them. It locked onto the brass targets and was able to discriminate out most the square and round nails. A few round nail heads oriented vertical sounded nice tough.

The second site was full of nails, it was absolutely littered with square nails and iron trash. I used the 7" coil at first but soon switched to the 5" DD coil. While the DD coil was fooled by the rusty tin a bit more than the concentric but rusty tin always sounds good! I must say that coil is a laser in the iron, it really could sniff out the signals. While I did not make any great finds, any of the brass and pewter pieces could have been something great. I am VERY impressed with that 5" DD in heavy iron!

The discrimination on the Anfibio is much better than my T2, I find the nails much easier to discriminate out and the raspy/crackle of iron targets is noticeable. I am happy with how it can lock onto a target even in heavy iron. My TID was obviously affected by the iron, but the targets gave good clean two-way signals. The collapsible shaft is fantastic, I was able to easily collapse the detector to fit into the ATV or backpack. I am also a convert on the wireless headphones, it will be hard to go back to corded phones on my other detectors.

TID is much different that my T2. Brass shells and other good brass targets were coming in around 20-30s (they are 50s on my T2). I just need to learn the #s for my targets, but honestly as I usually do when more off of tone and quality of the signal.

I think I am starting to fall in love with the Anfibio.....smiling smiley
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Anfibio Arrived! Initial impressions and a lot to learn!

Fish N Chips 586 December 27, 2018 09:13PM

Re: Anfibio Arrived! Initial impressions and a lot to learn!

Timbertodd 331 December 28, 2018 07:19AM

Initial impressions and a lot to learn!

UtahRich 334 December 28, 2018 12:03AM

First Relic Hunt.

Fish N Chips 319 December 29, 2018 07:13PM

Another nice report, Matt, and I agree with you almost 100%.

Monte 364 December 30, 2018 03:19AM

Re: Another nice report, Matt, and I agree with you almost 100%.

Fish N Chips 244 December 30, 2018 09:32AM

Occassional Nails vs Nasty Dense Saturations of Nails.

Monte 314 December 30, 2018 05:21PM

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