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Some obvious signs about manufacturing metal detectors.

January 23, 2019 07:34AM avatar
i was saddened when i heard of tesoro's (alleged) demise.
It took longer than I thought. It was a struggle when Jack was at the helm, then sliding down-slope with Vince & James, then when they cut a deal with Kellyco, as some have done in the past, the slope got slicker, but they still lasted longer than I thought. You just have to stay up with the market in product features and performance as well as control the cost so as not to be over-priced o today's market.

i believe you are right on point with (f.t.p.).they have the financial,and engineering wallop to make a difference.i have heard nothing but excellent comment on the f-44 (yourself included).
I honestly can't picture any US based company offering much serious competition to Nokta-Makro other than FTP. They have the absolute strength in the lower-cost market of well-built and affordable detectors that can work well for Coin Hunting and 'casual' Relic Hunting where there is sparse iron debris. The Fisher F44, I believe, is the best in that price class offered today.

Close behind might be Garrett, but their product offerings need to come up to the performance level of their excellent videos and marketing skills. That's always been a strong point for them.

I do believe the lower-end (not the cheapest, but the best of the models below mid-priced offerings) is a niche that has been overlooked. Too many manufacturers ignore the lower-end models, or they offer them with over-size search coils, or a lack of features and adjustments. And worse yet, they overlook the performance needed for any serious hunting and produce units that have a delayed response, a slow recovery, or other performance weaknesses.

Right now I don't have a clue what their next market challenge will be, but from what Dilek described at Detectival last fall, I believe there is going to be a lot of stirring up in the market when Nokta-Makro releases the Simplex.

it's interesting to note that i saw two factory tours on the internet. one was from whitey in sweet home,and the other was from garrett in garland texas. to be truthful, white's tour of the facility appeared to ME to be dated, whereas garrett's tour was very "modern" looking with "new" equipment,and it appeared to ME that the facility was "spotless" two interesting contrasts.i THOUGHT whitey had a much bigger and better operation, because of their years and years of building damn good detectors .i have to admit it saddened me, because i have used their equipment for many years, and i just EXPECTED something else, i guess.
My first visit and tour of White's was in June of 1971. My last visit seemed very little changed from almost forty-eight years ago. I toured Garrett's facility about '88/'89 and it was a remarkable difference. Garrett has always been known for putting effort into marketing and the last video of a Garrett tour was really good.

Nokta-Makro makes continuous changes in their video and they had a different one that showed more of the production facility, but check out this video by clicking on: Scenes from Nokta & Makro. I find it very impressive.

anyway, i am scrutinizing the f-44, and i gotta tell ya, it has a 'ton" of great features for the 'coin hound", and the money is very, very good too. think they may have a "sleeper' on their hands!
Yes, it does.

i'm hoping these "proud" companies can keep it together, and find a way to go forward, because we will all be better for it!..i'm just sayin'
Of the three US detector makers, I am of the opinion that those two located in Texas stand the best chance of staying alive and bringing out models to compete with the current trend in design, quality and performance ... all at a competitive price point. Otherwise, detector manufacturers will just have to sit back and watch the recent events we've seen this past 4+ years of trend-setting development & design from the Nokta-Makro Detection Technologies folks because this is where we are really seeing innovation, build quality, and performance afield setting high marks, and doing so with reasonably priced detectors.thumbs up

I wish the best of success to all manufacturers, but all I can do is wish. They have to make the effort.


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Todd, I think your Relic coil choice is perfect.

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Some obvious signs about manufacturing metal detectors.

Monte 266 January 23, 2019 07:34AM

Re: Some obvious signs about manufacturing metal detectors.

jmaryt 212 February 21, 2019 09:18PM

A few observations and opinions.

Monte 228 February 22, 2019 01:54AM

My thoughts on your thoughts on his thoughts. eye popping smiley

UtahRich 253 January 21, 2019 10:39AM

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