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A few observations and opinions.

February 22, 2019 12:54AM avatar
it seems odd to me that the 'big 3" would allow a foreign entity to "better" them on the world stage.
The "Big 3" you are referring to would be Garrett, First Texas and White's here in the USA, correct? It isn't all that uncommon for a foreign entity to compete in a specific market, if they have qualified engineers and the financial ability to have a clean workplace and a skilled workforce, and work with a product design that offers not just matching performance, but enhanced performance.

Let's look at just one function that most experience, savvy Avid Detectorists know can be of benefit if hunting in a variety of different and challenging ground mineral environments, and that is Ground Balance. Not just a factory preset GB, or a modern Automated Ground Balance (called Ground Grab or Fast Grab, etc.), but Manual Ground Balance that provides more full-control of the GB setting to the detector operator.

Now, let's look at some of the more competitive mid-priced models from several competitors, such as:

Fisher's F44 and F19 and F75 series models.
Teknetics Omega 8000 & 8500, G2+, and all the models in the T2 series, including the current T2 'Classic' and T2+.
The Garrett AT series to include the Pro, Gold and Max units.
How about the Makro Racer 2.
The Nokta FORS CoRe and FORS Relic and the 3-frequency Impact models.
And the merged Nokta-Makro Kruzer, 3-frequency Multi Kruzer and the Anfibio series to include the Anfibio 14, Anfibio 19 and the 3-frequency Anfibio Multi.
And we'll compare all of these to the White's M6, MX-5, MXT Pro or All-Pro, MX Sport and MX-7.

Out of all of these models, some of them have an MSRP that is about half the price of the White's MXT All-Pro. Actually, ALL of these twenty-or-more models, have an MSRP that is the same or less than the MSRP of White's MXT All-Pro, and out of all the models mentioned, the ONLY MODELS that DO NOT have a manual GB feature are all of those from White's.

am curious in that in my view, it isn't about finances, as i believe all 3 have sufficient funds to attract "engineering talent". they may simply be content to "soldier" on with the present scenario.
Sufficient funds? I question if they really do have 'sufficient funds' because right now I haven't a clue who White's lead electronic engineer is. I don't know who is out there for them to attract, either. Of the brands mentioned above, White's has the worst, least organized website. Most of their product videos pale in comparison to those from FTP, Garrett and Nokta-Makro Detection Technologies.

Out of their entire current product line, the best featured, best priced and best all-purpose performance model is the MX-7. The reason is everything they offer is over-priced or under-performance compared with the others, especially the Nokta-Makro offerings.

i believe they will "snap out of their 'self induced fog' and once again, make the u.s.a proud. if i was a betting man, i would venture to say that everything that "makro" has produced to this point in time has already been "evaluated" and o-scoped to the ninth degree, with the end resultant that they know what they are doing, and "probably" are attempting to circumvent patents, or attempting to "better" makros engineering with superior engineering of their own.
Nokta was the larger 'parent' company and the Makro brand was owned by the brother of the Nokta owner. Nokta slowly bought out the Makro line and in December of 2014 Nokta and Makro were owned by the one brother, and Nokta had the premier product of the two brands. Nokta and Makro were sort of comparable to the Fisher and Teknetics lines from FTP.

Then last year they realigned the two brands under one name, Nokta-Makro Detection Technologies. And since the buy-out a few years ago, they have had Alper Tozan as the lead software design engineer who has easily proven his knowledge and skills in their progression in design and development in this industry.

I don't now about their financial standing, but I do know their factory is old and very 'dated' by comparison to all the others, and without a known-name and talented lead engineer, terrible videos and marketing, and a less-than-impressive website by comparison, I don't see them pulling a rabbit out of the hat anytime soon to surprise the serious detector users. I'd like to be wrong, but more than just the western Oregon weather seems to be cloudy over than direction.

just some thoughts this cold winter's night here in new england.
And some equally cold weather and cabin fever opinions from far Eastern Oregon here in the USA.


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A few observations and opinions.

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My thoughts on your thoughts on his thoughts. eye popping smiley

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