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Switching from an Impact to the Anfibio Multi is a tricky question to answer.thinking

January 23, 2019 01:02AM avatar
Worth switching or not? If so why?
Drew, you've asked a tough question, and honestly, I think it can only be answered by someone in a position to make that decision. I have had phone calls and e-mails from people who use an Impact and they, too, wondered if it would be worth making the switch. I figured the best way to answer a question is by asking a few questions myself.

You asked: "If so, why?" I think you also should have asked: "If not, why?" In the end it is a Yes or No, Do or Don't answer someone is looking for, so let's take look at some questions I asked to help them derive and answer that they really need to make a choice on their own.

Q: Have you handled either or both detectors to know how they feel and balance?

Q: Do you have any preference as to how many search mode choices there are, and if so, which modes would you use and which modes would you most likely not be interested in?

Q: Do you want, or would you make frequent use of, the waterproof ability of the Anfibio Multi, and if not, is there a reason why you would still want it?

Q: If you have the Impact, have you used it often enough to be familiar with it and know it's strengths and weaknesses?

Q: If you haven't used the Impact much, then what is it that interests you most about the Anfibio Multi?

Q: If you have used the Impact to know it, can you name half-a-dozen things about it you really like? If so, what are they?

Q: Naturally, if you have things you especially like, then there might be some you don't like. Can you name a half-dozen things you do not like about the Impact?

Q: With those last two questions answered, do you think the Anfibio Multi will still have the features or functions you like?

Q: Do you see where the Anfibio Multi might not have the issues you listed as not caring for?

Q: Do you have any feelings, for or against, the use of a built-in Lithium rechargeable battery?

Q: What type or types of detecting do you like to do, and has the Impact come up short on performance in some way to prompt you to change detectors? If so, what are those shortcomings?

My personal opinions regarding these two models:

I happen to like the feel and balance of the Impact as being a bit more comfortable than the Anfibio Multi. However, the difference is just a bit different on how they 'feel' because I now have to contend with impaired right shoulder/arm/had strength and mobility. Of the two models The Anfibio Multi feels a little more 'top heavy' to me due to the weight of the system box and housing the built-in Lithium battery. But then there is the grip design, angle and 'feel' and while the Impact isn't uncomfortable, the Anfibio has one of the most comfortable grips I have ever use in angle, texture, thickness and overall 'feel.'

I like the rod shape and rod-lock design of both models. However, I prefer the Anfibio's use of coils with longer cables that wrap around the outside of the rod. Both models have comfortable arm cups, but I really like the new design of the Anfibio 'series' which is fully adjustable in position rather than relying on a more restricted fore-and-aft adjustment range.

Portability and compactness for travel, certainly is in favor of he Anfibio series with their collapsible rod system.

Search coil choices for both models is almost an even draw as both have their own 7" Concentric which, in my opinion, is the #1 choice for general-purpose hunting. But the Anfibio comes with a wonderful 11" DD round coil that feels great and works well, but isn't yet available for the Impact.

Grip, as I mentioned, if fine on the Impact, but I really like the Anfibio's grip over most other styles on the market with a 'stand-up' grip handle.

Audio is important to me due to a hearing impairment and that plays a part in my personal selection process of any detector. Both the Impact and Anfibio can accommodate the use of the 2.4 Gig wireless headphones. There is a difference between them as I can hear the Anfibio a little louder and clearer than I can the Impact.

However, I do enjoy using corded headphones since my three headphone choices offer me a selection for the best audio response. The Impact audio with corded headphones is improved over wireless and is a good audio, and with the Anfibio my headphones still has a somewhat better audio. But I prefer to have my headphones plug in at the rear of the detector device and that meant buying the ΒΌ" headphone adapter cable for the Anfibio and affixing it to be positioned near the rear. The Impact already has a 'proper' headphones jack location at the back of the box under the arm cup which I prefer.

And finally, there is in-the-field performance and I enjoyed the Impact in dense iron contaminated sites once they offered the 5" DD coil for it. I bought the 5" DD for the Anfibio Multi and, in some controlled testing here in my den using a few test scenarios I rely on, I believe the Anfibio and Impact are just about matched with the 5" DD. They both out-perform almost every make and model from any manufacturer I have tried in the past two years with two exceptions: The Nokta FORS cousins, the CoRe and the Relic.

As I mentioned earlier, both models can use the 7" Concentric coil which is a perfect general-purpose coil, and so far, in-the-field performance with both has been very good. There is one Test Scenario I use where the Anfibio was the winner, and that was using two different stacks of US Silver coins. The basic test is 5-Silver Half Dollars stacked on top of a Peace Silver Dollar. The second tougher challenge is putting that stack on top of 5 more Silver Dollars.

I have a nice pro pack Impact with multiple coils and lower stems, what would I gain other than water proof construction if I were to move to the Anfibio Multi?
It's hard to figure out what would be a 'gain' to YOU, but I can tell you that for ME the plus points in favor of the Anfibio are the collapsible rod design; the better audio with any headphones for MY hearing abilities; I do prefer the grip design; and little things, such as it is quicker changing frequencies with the Anfibio, and I prefer an outside-the-rod coil cable wrapping.

It was fifteen months ago that my vehicle was broken into and they stole 6 metal detectors, all but one of my sets of headphones, both wireless sets and a few corded, two Nokta back-pack detector bags with all of my coils for the Impact and most other models, plus extra middle and lower rods. Among that loss was my Impact which is one model I have missed.

In your case, you already have the Impact and "multiple coils and lower stems" so you would also have to consider replacing those for the multiple search coils and lower rods for the Anfibio, and that can add a good bit to the cost.

Just run through the questions I asked earlier and see how they apply to both the Impact you own and the Anfibio you're considering. Then, when you make a conclusion that you're comfortable with, either way, please let us know.


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Switch from Impact to Anfibio Multi???

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Switching from an Impact to the Anfibio Multi is a tricky question to answer.thinking

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Re: Switching from an Impact to the Anfibio Multi is a tricky question to answer.thinking

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Very nice reply, Drew.thumbs up

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Re: Very nice reply, Drew.thumbs up

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