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Re: Switching from an Impact to the Anfibio Multi is a tricky question to answer.thinking

January 23, 2019 07:01PM
Howdy Monte,

In answer to the well put questions:

Q: Have you handled either or both detectors to know how they feel and balance?

A: Impact yes, Anfibio no, that said I am an Arborist used to hard manual labor and my arm & shoulders, while a bit worn are still strong, I find that most detectors I can handle without issue, trust me, chainsaws are wayyyy heavier than detectors.

Q: Do you have any preference as to how many search mode choices there are, and if so, which modes would you use and which modes would you most likely not be interested in?

A: Honestly I have spent the majority of my time with the Impact in Di3, or VLX1 or VLX2 coin hunting. I do like having a functional AM motion mode with target ID GEN1, as well as COG for saltwater beaches. More modes are nice to have but not 100% necessary. (Until you find a use/need for them that is).

Q: Do you want, or would you make frequent use of, the waterproof ability of the Anfibio Multi, and if not, is there a reason why you would still want it?

A: This is really one of the main things involved in this decision, I am on the “Wet Coast” and ability to hunt in the rain is a big +, water hunting is also a field I am looking to get into as the long hot dry summers are brutal to hunt on land and destructive to turf.

Q: If you have the Impact, have you used it often enough to be familiar with it and know it's strengths and weaknesses?

A: I don’t have any claim to being an expert user of the Impact by any means; I do like it from what I have seen so far.

Q: If you haven't used the Impact much, then what is it that interests you most about the Anfibio Multi?

A: Really, it is the waterproof construction that is a major selling point, along with what you and Sven have described as better crisper audio.

Q: If you have used the Impact to know it, can you name half-a-dozen things about it you really like? If so, what are they?

A: Well built, versatile, good coil selection, fast response, good target separation abilities, update via internet, headphone plug is ¼” and at rear of battery compartment, pin point is a toggle/trigger in front of grip.

Q: Naturally, if you have things you especially like, then there might be some you don't like. Can you name a half-dozen things you do not like about the Impact?

A: Resets itself after shutdown, (volatile memory), & it starts in a high gain chatty mode, depth indication in pin point shows 5” on almost all targets regardless of true depth, tough to navigate menu set up, (particularly in gloves with the environmental cover on the meter), pin point trigger toggle boot falls off, Nokta should have spec'ed a screw on type.

Q: With those last two questions answered, do you think the Anfibio Multi will still have the features or functions you like?

A: Pretty much, not entirely sure what I would be giving up vis a vis the Impact.

Q: Do you see where the Anfibio Multi might not have the issues you listed as not caring for?

A: I believe, (correct me if I’m wrong) Anfibio has a non-volatile memory, easier to navigate menu structure, other little niggles I don’t know.

Q: Do you have any feelings, for or against, the use of a built-in Lithium rechargeable battery?

A: No, I am neutral, my Equinox has this set up for battery and no problems so far,(touch wood.)

Q: What type or types of detecting do you like to do, and has the Impact come up short on performance in some way to prompt you to change detectors? If so, what are those shortcomings?

A: I like coin and relic hunting and the Impact has been a pretty good machine so far. Not sure how it would fare/react to getting caught in one of our frequent heavy rainfalls while afield even with the environmental covers on. Wouldn’t trust myself to do any wading with it.

My admittedly uninformed take:

Impact & Anfibio ergonomics look very similar to me, I would have to say the control box layout on the Impact has some pluses, toggle trigger pin point, head phone jack placement, (I concur with you on these features). Kick stand is a little hokey IMO, and another distraction to deal with in the field, Anfibio being water proof should have no issues with lying on wet grass etc.

As you know I use a FORS Relic also, so I have it to fall back on in bed o' nails sites.smiling smiley

My Impact came to me with the stock 11"x7" DD, the 7" concentric, 5"round DD, small solid bottom7.5x4' DD and the open frame 9.5x5" DD, all on lower stems. In all the Impact pro pack is a pretty nice, well rounded package, If I decide to stick with the Impact I can see letting go of the stock 11x7 coil for a new round 11''DD for the wide open spaces.
If I do end up buying an Anfibio I will limit it to the 11" stock coil, 5" DD & 7" concentric accessory coils.
Humm.. lots to think about.
I guess I could also look at other dedicated water machines...
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Switch from Impact to Anfibio Multi???

Druid 366 January 22, 2019 09:27AM

Switching from an Impact to the Anfibio Multi is a tricky question to answer.thinking

Monte 1082 January 23, 2019 01:02AM

Re: Switching from an Impact to the Anfibio Multi is a tricky question to answer.thinking

Druid 307 January 23, 2019 07:01PM

Very nice reply, Drew.thumbs up

Monte 286 January 24, 2019 04:30AM

Re: Very nice reply, Drew.thumbs up

Druid 203 January 24, 2019 07:26AM

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