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Just a really quick response about the Anfibio Multi.

February 19, 2019 05:27AM avatar
Actually, this is a side junction for some topics that have been discussed on the Fisher & Teknetics Forum as well as the General Metal Detecting Forum here on AHRPS regarding the Teknetics T2+ and Fisher F44 and the use of their 5" DD coils and the response-and-recovery time, better known as 'separation' of closely-spaced non-ferrous targets.

I tried to keep my replies 'topic specific' and related top the models in discussion, but along with questions about recovery time, several of the questions asked about performance when there were nails or other ferrous targets included. I answered honestly that the T2+ w/5" DD has one of the faster recovery times of any detector in use today, but I added that in side-by-side comparisons using a very challenging wooden Test Stick I made, the Nokta FORS CoRe w/'OOR' DD and FORS Relic w/5" DD devices were very, very close and tied for 2nd place in the speedy recovery and response category.

I mentioned those two Nokta products because they are both my #1 all-purpose favorites when it comes to handling nails and other dense ferrous debris. Since the challenge of handling nails and other masking iron trash was added to the questions, I felt obligated to refer to the superior ferrous / non-ferrous handling delivered by my CoRe and Relic devices with their similar-size smaller coils.

Well, this post is just to add my quick comments about the 'quick response-and-recovery' of the Nokta-Makro Anfibio Multi using its 5" DD search coil. I spent a few after-midnight hours doing a few more side-by-side tests with a half-dozen detectors with an 'OOR' or 5" DD coils using my Test Strip.

The Test Strip, if you haven't read it on the other Forums, is a 12" wooden ruler/paint stick with 7 Trade Tokens placed on it. The centers of the 1st and 7th Tokens are centered on each end of the strip at the '0' Inch and '12' Inch marks. The other 5 Trade Tokens are centered at the 2", 4", 6", 8" and 10" marks. All Tokens are a brass or copper type Token, each about the same size and diameter as the US 5¢ piece, and the space between each Token, edge-to-edge, measures only 11/8" to 13/16" making a very tough challenge for a detector to respond, recover, and then respond to each Token.

I start the slow and methodical sweep from about 6" or so off the end of the Test Strip and sweep completely across to about 6" past the opposite end of the stick. The Anfibio Multi and 5" DD coil could match or slightly exceed the response-and-recovery time of the Relic. So for working a high-count, non-ferrous target site, the 5" DD equipped Anfibio Multi shows some very impressive abilities for target separation.

I just thought I'd share that with you.


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Just a really quick response about the Anfibio Multi.

Monte 286 February 19, 2019 05:27AM

Re: Just a really quick response about the Anfibio Multi.

jmaryt 198 February 19, 2019 05:29PM

Yes, I have been using the 5" DD coils ... and Yes, I have been

Monte 198 February 19, 2019 06:48PM

Re: Yes, I have been using the 5" DD coils ... and Yes, I have been

jmaryt 193 February 19, 2019 08:17PM

I like 'Simple,' using smaller to mid-sized coils, and ...

Monte 195 February 20, 2019 07:14AM

Re: I like 'Simple,' using smaller to mid-sized coils, and ...

jmaryt 158 February 21, 2019 12:48AM

There are only 4 ways to deal with 'good-target masking.'

Monte 229 February 21, 2019 07:11AM

Re: There are only 4 ways to deal with 'good-target masking.'

jmaryt 189 February 21, 2019 04:04PM

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