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There are only 4 ways to deal with 'good-target masking.'

February 21, 2019 06:11AM avatar
1.. Just live with it and accept the fact that bad targets, ferrous or non-ferrous, can totally mask a desired target and you will hear nothing, and that means you hunt a trashy site and will never get it all due to total good-target masking. Therefore, this will leave good-targets behind.

2.. The good target is just partially masked and that blended target response can cause the visual TID and/or Audio Tone to be degraded to the point that you will not see or hear a 'proper' response from the desired target. Thus, since the Coin Hunter will not hear or see a 'proper' response from a desired target, they have to dedicate time to recovering a lot of 'iffy' signals with the hope that they might possibly make a good-target recovery some of the time, or just decide to ignore targets that do not give a 'lock-on' good response and keep on detecting. Naturally, this approach will leave good-targets behind.

3.. Just decide you do not want to recover any junk targets if possible, and set out to "cherry-pick" only the targets that provide a near perfect audio and visual 'good-target' response. Being picky-and-choosey will, undoubtedly, leave good-targets behind.

4.. Be dedicated by: →→ Doing all things possible to remove ALL desired targets from any littered site by recovering ALL the proper-reading, lock-on targets; →→ Know the causes of partial target-masking by recovering ALL of the 'iffy' responses to include both the partially masked target that could be good as well as removing the offending piece(s) of trash causing the partial-masking effect; →→ Working a dedicated site with a slower and methodical sweep and overlapping a lot to efficiently cover all the ground, using either a Threshold-based All Metal mode or an all-metal accept very low Discriminate mode setting to recover ALL targets, ferrous and non-ferrous, thus eliminating all possibilities for complete good-target masking as well as all partial-target masking. Doing this will remove ALL metal targets from an area to totally clean-it-out. No more trash, and no good-targets left behind, either.

Very time consuming to take the 4th approach, but that's how I used to hunt a lot of places early-on. I would select some sites that I knew had a lot of potential and set out to recover it all, good and bad, using original TR's, TR-Disc., VLF/TR-Disc. and then motion-based VLF-Discriminators. All the detectors gave me the opportunity to hunt that way, and I was very dedicated, determined and had a lot of patience to tackle that tough approach.

There is no better way to find it all and leave nothing good behind than to simply recover all good and bad metal targets. But today, many decades later, things have changed a little. I still have as much or more patience than I started out with back in the mid-'60s. I am still as dedicated and determined as I always have been to learn how to get the most performance out of a detector and use all of its abilities for my benefit to be successful.

But what has changed is me. In exactly three months I turn 70, and with age and health limitations, some of us might have the patience and determination and know-how to do it right and leave nothing behind, but limited mobility and pain just don't add to the enjoyment of getting down and struggling to get back up repeatedly. Fatigue sets in all too soon so it becomes tough to deal with physical resistance to doing what we'd maybe like to do.

Next month makes twenty-six hears I have had and relied on a cane to help me get around, and in this quarter-century the progression of age, declining strength and mobility, along with many added physical impairments has caused me to limit making many recoveries. Even though I know better and don't want to, I have often had days when I had to cut down on the number of iffy signals I went after and even start relying on the cherry-picking approach to having fun. Thus, it isn't always the detector's capabilities that set our results afield apart form using a different make or model detector, it is simply a matter of how dedicated we want to be, and how physically able we can be when it comes to a lot of frequent target recoveries.

Yes, I have a Teknetics T2+ in my current Regular-Use Detector Outfit and will make use of it with a small 5" DD coil, just as I will make use of an Omega 8000, a Fisher F44 and others I might grab. But I'll stress here on the Nokta / Makro Detection Technologies Forum that my FORS CoRe and FORS Relic still hold the #1 spot together in my Outfit because they provide 'simple' yet 'functional' design and exceptional in-the-field 'performance' for any hunting I take on. It might be a wide-open and relatively clean location, or a site littered with a lot of 'modern' types of non-ferrous trash, or an accumulation of nails and other terribly-bad ferrous targets than really challenge success afield due to their good-target masking effects.

So, if you are not going out full-steam ahead to clean out a site and get it all, then you're going to fit into the #2 or #3 category where you either walk away from or recover the questionable 'iffy' responses and / or you just take a 'cherry pick' approach and go for the most-likely-to-be type 'lock-on' responses. For best results you would not want to use an older 4-filter type model that can't isolate good targets in amongst a lot of trash, nor would you want to use a newer model that has a delayed response or delayed recovery time, or that calls for a more controlled sweep-speed presentation, and there are several detectors out there that are that annoying.

Just make use of a quality built detector of proven performance and mount a smaller-size search coil and more things will then be in your favor. For me and my desire to want a lighter weight and comfortably balanced detector, my picks from my Outfit would be the CoRe or Relic as a #1 pick, the T2+ as a #2 choice, then the F44 in the #3 position.

Best of success in your detector selection and the approach and commitment you put into working all the keepers out of any site you encounter.


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There are only 4 ways to deal with 'good-target masking.'

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