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BigDog, thoughts about the Simplex.

April 02, 2019 12:19PM avatar
It's going to appeal to us in different ways. Some, I'm sure, will write it off for consideration simply because it is a lower-priced model. Some will want a multi-frequency option, either synchronous or selectable, or want to have a fuller array of adjustment functions.

Then there are those like me who feel it might make a good 'fit' to satisfy my three-point criteria for desired detector models, and that is being 'Simple' to operate with 'Functional' adjustments, to satisfy providing ample 'Performance' for certain wants and needs. They chose a very good operating frequency. Packaged it in what appears to be a comfortable, light-weight package with just enough adjustment features to make it handy for most uses. It's priced to be an affordable 'entry-level' detector, and it is waterproof! That is the main design feature that makes it a good fit in my own Detector Outfit.

I don't swim and I'm not close to a coastal beach where I water hunt a great deal. I live inland, in the high plateau desert region of Eastern Oregon, but I do occasionally get to a river or lake beach for a little detecting. I want one detector in my Outfit that can provide me functional performance when working in the shallow areas of a fresh-water beach should I fall or the detector otherwise ends up taking a dunk.

For my wants and needs, the coming Simplex appears to be just the answer. Perhaps not the performance level of the more expensive models, but that remains to be seen in actual field time and side-by-side comparisons. I have my very trusted and proven Relic Hunting Nokta CoRe and Relic devices that tackle dense nail and iron debris better than any other detector I own, or have tried so far, and I have some for casual urban Coin Hunting models to easy day-to-day urban coin sites.

The Simplex will likely make one of my 'daily travel units' and be great for any water hunting I do, or when light rain showers might have to be dealt with. For the anticipated MSRP combined with the features and value the Nokta-Makro folks seem to put into every unit they offer, it is sure to be a winner.


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Anfibio /Impact lower shaft

GISGUY 314 April 01, 2019 07:47AM

Confirmation: It fits!

GISGUY 172 April 11, 2019 07:54AM

Lower rods ought to fit, however ....

Monte 236 April 01, 2019 09:18AM

Re: Lower rods ought to fit, however ....

GISGUY 178 April 01, 2019 01:24PM

Curious about the Anfibio's waterproof design.

Monte 203 April 02, 2019 01:57AM

Re: Curious about the Anfibio's waterproof design.

GISGUY 167 April 02, 2019 10:35AM

Re: Curious about the Anfibio's waterproof design.

NWCindy 180 April 02, 2019 03:40PM

Re: Lower rods ought to fit, however ....

Remfire 198 April 01, 2019 06:34PM

Re: Lower rods ought to fit, however ....

BigDog 203 April 01, 2019 08:03PM

BigDog, thoughts about the Simplex.

Monte 205 April 02, 2019 12:19PM

Re: Simplex

Remfire 198 April 01, 2019 09:14PM

Re: Simplex

BigDog 213 April 02, 2019 04:04AM

Is that confirmed?!?

GISGUY 189 April 02, 2019 10:38AM

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