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Experience says my favorite Anfibio or Kruzer coils are:

June 04, 2019 02:40AM avatar
I think I'm gonna get a new anfibio to play with for the group hunt. What's everyone's favorite coils? I'm thinking the 7.5x4 and the 9" concentric. I know the smaller 5" are good coils to have also but I get to easily impatient with the little 5" snipers. What's everyone's opinion?
I would suggest the Nokta-Makro Anfibio Multi, with the standard 11" round DD, is a really nice coil size and performance for wide-open locations, such as beaches, large wide-open parks, etc.

But if you want to shop for 2 extra search coils for it, especially for hunting the very trashy old ghost towns like on next weeks Outing, where an abundance of the dense debris is ferrous make-up, my suggestion is as follows: DO NOT get the elliptical 4X5½ DD coil, and I WOULD NOT get the round 9" Concentric coil.

Why not get these two coils? Here are my learned experiences with them:

1.. The 4X7½ DD elliptical coil was not a size in the Nokta general purpose search coil selection until they introduced the Impact in early 2017. It was part of the Impact Pro Pack along with a 'standard' 7X11 DD. A new detector with a new coil in a 'somewhat popular' smaller-size elliptical design, kind of like the NEL Snake DD coil.

I tried the coil on some of my routine test scenarios to see how it might fair for serious Relic Hunting, and also for some urban Coin Hunting. For urban applications it worked 'OK' in low to modest modern-use places with typical trash including some ferrous debris. However, in testing and in use at some very dense iron contaminated places it fell way short on performance compared with some competitor's models with selected smaller coils. And when put to a very challenging tough test using my Nail Board but replacing an Indian Head or modern Zinc Cent with a much smaller and thinner Capped Bust Half-Dime, it was one of the worst-performing combinations (the Impact w/4X7½ DD) Gregg & I tested.

That was initially posted here: [www.ahrps.org] by Oregon Gregg on March 7th of 2017.

I then posted the results here: [www.ahrps.org] on March 8th of 2017.

I kind of didn't want to as I preferred to not stir-the-pot and wanted to e-mail Dilek first to discuss it. But she saw, as well as heard about, that post and quickly (let's say immediately) contacted me, then called me to discuss the outcome of the test. I told her I didn't think it was a problem with the Impact as I had otherwise compared its performance with my favorite FORS CoRe and FORS Relic and Makro Racer 2 units using their comparable-size standard coils and the Impact seemed to be working fine.

The problems, as I told her, were that the USA's Half-Dime was much smaller in diameter than the Penny and slightly smaller Dime, but it wasn't only narrower in diameter but much thinner in thickness. That made it much more difficult to find ... let's just say 'unmask' ... when positioned in the #1 test circle with the four Iron Nails around it. I explained that the poor performance was most likely due to the 4X7½ DD coil's physical size and the placement of the internal Tx and Rx windings and their relationship with the nails and coin.

I told her what I really wished for was a smaller-size DD in the 'OOR' or 5" size as used with the CoRe or Relic or Racer's. Also that I'd still like to see a round, smaller-size Concentric coil.

She said she'd talk with Alper and the engineering team would get busy on a new coil. On April 5th, just short of 1 month later, Dilek made the following post: [www.ahrps.org]

She called again to let me know they only made two coils so Alper would have one in engineering and I'd get one to check out on the Impact using the exact-same test scenario with the Capped Bust Half-Dime and report back the results. I received the coil quickly, mounted it up, and did the exact same test and double-checked the performance against my other proven devices. Then I quickly reported back to Dilek that the new 5" DD coil moved the performance right up to that of the FORS Relic on that tough test.

They quickly put the 5" DD coil into production for the Impact, and not only did the make the excellent 5" DD, but they also worked out some of the design for the 3-frequency Impact and introduced a round 7" Concentric coil for the Impact, Racer 2 and Racer models. thumbs up

2.. The 9" Concentric coil is a nice concept, but TO ME it is a heavier 9" coil than I am used to, and the rod-mount is too far to the rear and not in a better-balanced locations closer to the center-axis of the coil. That results in a heavier, unbalanced design that is often a bit nose-heavy and 'floppy.'

What 2 coils would I suggest for the Anfibio to complement the standard 11" round DD? They are the:

--- Round 5" DD for hunting in the nastiest of dense iron debris

... and ...

--- Round 7" Concentric for 'general purpose' use.

Patience is a key to success and very important to mastering search technique in challenging conditions. I keep smaller-size coils on every detector I own and use, or at least smaller-to-mid-size. My main-use FORS CoRe has the 'OOR' DD, my FORS Relic a 5" DD, and I keep a 6" Concentric on all my Tesoro's a 6½" Concentric on my White's XLT, and a 7" Concentric on my Fisher F44 and Makro Racer 2. The only slightly-larger 'mid-size' coils I use are a 5X9½ DD elliptical on my other FORS CoRe and 5X9 DD elliptical on the XP ORX.

The 5" DD and 7" Concentric coils worked the best for dense-trash or general-purpose needs on the Multi-Kruzer and Anfibio Multi and are definitely my two most preferred coils for them, too.


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Experience says my favorite Anfibio or Kruzer coils are:

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