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I felt the Anfibio Multi was simply 'Quick to Impress.'

July 16, 2019 04:55AM avatar
Let me start by saying congratulations on the nice Barber Dime, as well as chancing upon two back-to-back silvers, both Barbers, because that doesn't happen all that often this past decade or two when working a public park.thumbs up

I felt their Nokta FORS CoRe and Relic devices offered ample features and in-the-field performance to satisfy all the basic needs almost anyone could want to get out and find stuff in any search environment. And with them, (still my all-time favorite, versatile models from this company) I mainly make use of 3-Tone, then 2-Tone, then Deep modes, in that order.

Since introducing those models, as well as the Makro Racer and Racer 2, in 2015 and 2016, they have continued to do R&D that have brought us the Impact in 2017, then the Kruzer series and Anfibio series in early and then late 2018. With these last three models we gained some other benefits, such as their selectable multi-frequency design, additional search modes and adjustment functions, new search coils since their release, and for those who like to get wet, the Kruzer and Anfibio series were also designed to be waterproof and powered by a built-in Lithium battery. The physical packaging has also seen some very nice design changes as well.

We read where a lot of folks have enjoyed using some of the newer search modes and different settings, but that's just going to happen because the extra modes and feature set offers more for those who might favor more than just a 2-Tone or 3-Tone mode based on past experience with multi-tone options from using a few competitor's models. Personally, I have always preferred to keep-it-simple and have found models with 1, 2 or 3 audio tones to provide me with ample target response without getting 'too busy', audibly. With the newer multi-frequency Impact, Kruzer and Anfibio I have continued to prefer 3-Tone, 2-Tone and Deep modes just as I have with the CoRe and Relic.

What I really liked about the Anfibio Multi was the round 11" DD coil, the grip design and angle, and the collapsible rod system, in that order. Yes, the 11" DD coil was the first thing that impressed me even though I seldom make use of search coils larger than round 7" or elliptical designs of about 5X9½ ... and most of the time my main-use detectors are sporting a coil in the 4" to 6" diameter size to best handle the very dense debris sites I encounter.

That said, there are times I want a little more coverage and a little better depth, especially when Coin Hunting old parks or recreation sites, or an open plowed field, combined with the fact that the only elliptically-shaped search coils I enjoy using are the mid-size designs like a 5X9½. I really don't care for the oversize coils in the ± 7X11 group.

That round 11" DD doesn't just look good, but I immediately found when doing field comparisons against the 7X11 DD that the round coil seemed to have a bit of an 'edge' in performance. Of course the good looks might have subconsciously entered into that conclusion.winking smiley

There were only minor control settings you used that differed from how I like to set them up. You said the following choices were used:

"I was using the 11" coil, 3 tone, 0 disc, gain at 90 at 14 kHz."

For searching an older, grassy park without a lot of heavy and close masking trash, the round 11" DD is exactly what I'd be using.

The 3-Tone mode is also my favorite and might be a first choice, but usually when a site has sparse metal targets, and if I want a little cleaner hit on mid-depth to deeper targets, I opt for the 2-Tone or Deep modes with the bigger coil.

I hardly ever work at '0' Disc. My preference is to keep the Discrimination ser low enough to just hear pesky ferrous audio responses from nails or other wire-iron type trash, but have enough to help handle some of the ground mineral irregularities. My pick would be '03' for a Disc. setting.

My 'saved' Sensitivity settings are '99' in 3-Tone, and '95' in 2-Tone and 'Deep' modes, but in some urban areas with a wee bit of EMI I do reduce that setting as needed, usually to about '90' and seldom have interference issues.

And without-a-doubt I always use the default 14 kHz operating frequency on the Impact, Kruzer and Anfibio models the bulk of the time. Since 1978, the majority of the makes and models I have owned and used operated in the 10 kHz to 15 kHz range which I have found to provide very excellent 'General Purpose' hunting performance. Models in that range work well for urban and non-urban site choices, especially for the challenging Relic Hunting locations that have more ferrous debris and also can produce more desired targets in the lower to mid-conductivity ranges. They handle iron better and also tend to unmask better that running at lower frequencies.

Otherwise I like to use some higher frequencies for some other tough-challenged conditions as well as working places specifically for lower-conductivity targets such as gold jewelry or for Electronic Prospecting gold nugget potential sites.

I seldom use the 5 kHz frequency on those latter three Nokta-Makro models mentioned above, but do like that option for occasional use in favorable urban environments with higher-conductive copper and silver deeper coin potential. I do, however, have three models in my Regular-Use Detector Outfit that work in the 6.59 to 7.81 kHz range that are mainly gut 'quick-grab' models for casual urban Coin Hunting. Two of those three detectors are also along as 'loaner units' when needed.

I know you are, and have been, an XP Deus fan, and you even helped influence me to acquire a new XP ORX, which I really enjoy, but I was pleased to see you add a Nokta-Makro device back into your working detector battery. Why? Because I know they are some of the best-designed, best-built and performance-proven detectors on the market today. For different travels and selected sites I'll take along other models, but my 'always-carry' Travel Team in my vehicle includes a small coil equipped Nokta CoRe and Nokta Relic. There are some good products from several other manufacturers, but in my biased opinion, every serious, Avid Detectorist ought to have at least one Nokta-Makro device in their arsenal of detectors.

And if they can go one step more, try to also have a nice old park on their list to kick out some back-to-back silver Barber coins to brighten their day.smiling smiley

Keep enjoying that Anfibio Multi and best of continued success.


"Your EYES ... the only 100% accurate form of Discrimination!"

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I felt the Anfibio Multi was simply 'Quick to Impress.'

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Re: I felt the Anfibio Multi was simply 'Quick to Impress.'

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